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Why, Hello little tongue ring..

Hi. I'm going to go ahead and introduce myself to you. My name is Brooke, and I am 16 years old. Yes, I know I am young. I have two brothers both of which own a tattoo shop. Thus how I got interested in body mods, and I hope to follow in their footsteps one day.

Okay, so I got my tongue pierced about 6-7 months ago. The whole process was very quick and painless. This coming from someone who passed out while getting their ears pierced. (stop laughing) So, I walked into my brothers shop and gave him my ID and even though he is my brother of course we had to do the usual paperwork with my mom signing since I was under 18 and everything. After both my mother and I had signed the paperwork, and he went over the procedure and aftercare. He told me that he was going to push the needle through my tongue and into a receiver tube because I caused less pressure on your tongue. He also told me he was using the longest tongue ring since it would probably swell up after he was done and I could get it changed to a shorter one in about 8 weeks. By that time 3 other people had walked in the shop and to my misfortune wanted to watch it all. GREAT, not as if its not bad enough I'm nervous and will probably pass out I have 3 strangers wanting to watch.
My brother knew I felt this way and told them they couldn't watch because of privacy reasons, which made me very happy! :]

Now, to the procedure. I watched my brother open and brand new needle and sterilize it and well as even open a new tongue ring and sterilize it. He handed me a small cup of Listerine Mouth Wash to rinse with and told me to swish, swish, swish for about 30 seconds. That shit burned! Haha, try swish for 10 seconds and spit out. He then asked me to stick my tongue out as far as I could and he "dryed" it off with a paper towel and marked the spot for where he would be soon piercing me. I also had to show him the bottom of my tongue so that he could check for veins. Thank God, I didn't have the vein in the middle of my tongue or I couldn't get it done. Apparently if you have a vein their you can't be pierced or it could possibly kill and your piercer could actually be criminally charged and possibly loose his license to pierce. After that, he got changed gloves for probably the third time since we started. I stuck out my tongue, apparently I have a really short tongue. He then pla ced the receiving tube thing under my tongue and placed the sharp, cold needle on my tongue. In 3, 2, 1, inhale, exhale, pierce. The hardest part was not to put my tongue back in my mouth while he had turned around to get the tongue ring or I would have had a real problem. I had no pain yet! Then he put the bar in and tightened it. Now, that was very painful and that was what really made it to start hurting. After that he asked me to rinse my mouth again, which burned worse than the first time I did. I sat in the chair for a good 15-20 minutes just praying I wouldn't get light headed. To my surprise, thank God, I didn't get even the least bit light headed.

Now, the whole healing process of it all was weird. Eating was super weird. I learned you couldn't eat noodles or they would get wrapped around it and burn. You can't drink alcohol for about a week, cause that burns also. My tongue ring didn't get infected and I actually had no problems with it! I'm very proud of myself. I rinsed my mouth out with mouth wash every hour and after I ate or drank anything. I was going through a bottle of mouth wash in 2 weeks. After having been pierced for 2-3 days I began "playing" with it in my mouth which is very super addicting. It was weird. So, that's my story and I hoped I helped you and that you learned at least a little something from my experience. I hope you go and get yours pierced and that you have a wonderful and easy recovery. Make sure that you choose a got and well known shop and make sure that your piercer uses all new needles, jewelry and gloves. Check around your town and make sure you look at all their books to see if they d o good jobs or not. Good Luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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