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Venoms, what I expected, and what actually happened

Any mother of a twelve-year old daughter is going to say no to a tongue piercing, but not every twelve year old is dedicated enough to actually wait the six years and get it done without their parents consent. I've wanted this piercing for a very long time so when my legal birthday of 18 came up it seemed completely logical for me to get my tongue poked.

For years I scoped the web for pictures and experiences, similar to what you're doing right now, but it wasn't until a few months before my birthday that I'd ever stumbled upon the venoms piercing. As soon as I saw it I knew I that's what I wanted, not the same single tongue piercing every slutty sixteen year-old has.

I am a waitress this summer while home from school and I'm not allowed to have any visible piercings, and I don't really want to make my parents have to look at something they detest so I opted to have my venoms placed further back than most, so they can only be seen if I want them to be seen. My venoms are also about ¾ of an inch apart; unlike others I've seen who get them really close together.

I, like you, visited BME and read as many experiences as I could just to get an idea of what to expect. Before I got them done here's what I expected:

  1. Pain from clamps, and tearing fro needle, and BLOOD

  2. Swelling after a few hours, unable to sleep

  3. The first few days would be hell unable to talk or eat

  4. Generally, just a lot of pain the first week or so

I got my venoms done at a piercing place by my old high school, the Screaming Monkey. Originally I was going to go this place on the other side of town to get it done, but when I took my sister to get her tattoo done there the piercer (who is strictly free hand) said it would be impossible for him to do it because of my veins. Of course I decided to check out a place that does use clamps before letting my dreams of venoms go out the window.

When I got to the Screaming Monkey I talked with piercer and he told me he could probably do it  he'd just have to get clamps on me to know for sure, I told him I'd come back in a few days and we'd do it. I planned on getting them done right before I went out of town because I knew I would have four days off in a row to allow for swelling and being unable to talk. When they day finally came I was a lot nervous than I had ever been and was almost ready to call it quits and just not get it done. 

My cousin calmed my nerves and after a big dinner we went back. Frank the piercer was out of the shop for a few minutes so the apprentice told us we could wait or come back in a little bit. We drove around and I got excited. Once back in the shop I filled out paperwork and was ushered into the back room. All the guys in the shop actually wanted to watch. Almost none of them had seen this piecing in person before and we're almost equally as excited as I was. 

I swished watered down Listerine for about a minute then Frank dried my tongue. He marked the dots and after getting everyone's opinion to confirm they were straight we started. After reading experiences I was expecting the clamps to be the worse, but to tell you the truth I barely even noticed them. He told me breath in and then once I breathed out he was going to do it. I was expecting to feel the needle tear through the muscle but it just felt hot the first time. The jewelry also wasn't exactly painful, just hot and uncomfortable pressure. The piercing I was actually trying to feel it go through every layer of muscle but again it was so fast it was just a poke for me. I guess the time he was done my left one (the first one) was bleeding and that shocked me when I saw the red in the paper towel, but I can honestly say the piercing did not hurt. I suppose it's relatable to a very long pinch. After that is was aftercare and a trip to sonic. 

The healing process was bad but not as awful as I was expecting. I honestly was never in pain because of my piercings. I was uncomfortable but never did a thought go through my head of pain or "Ow this hurts". Traveling with a new piercing probably not the best idea but you do save a lot of money on food that you would have spent otherwise. The first day I drank a really big slush from Sonic (don't use straws while healing, I did and it took me forever for the swelling to go all the way down), and all I ate was mashed potatoes and a big ice cream shake at the airport. I also thought bananas would be good so I brought some with me for the trip, on the second night of my piercing it took me an hour and a half to eat a banana... not the best idea. For the next three or four days while I was out of town I strictly ate soups and yogurts and other mushy food. I tried to eat bread around day three or four, I would chew in the back of my mouth then use a finger to push the food back t

o my throat, but while eating this bread the bottom of my barbell got caught on the outside of my teeth and made my tongue very sensitive. This would happen a few more times and was probably the worst thing of the whole experience. The swelling went down after five days and I was talking completely normal after six.

Here's what actually happened:
  1. Piercing was uncomfortable, not painful

  2. I couldn't talk or eat for five days, was talking normal after and was eating normal after ten

  3. Not much blood (my tongue would bleed in five minute interval throughout the first two days), virtually painless

  4. LOTS of being uncomfortable

Now I'm not saying everyone's lying when they say that the clamps will forever haunt them because they were so painful or whatever it may be, I'm just saying in my experience my venoms did not hurt, and healed fairly quickly. A lot of pain and discomfort is chalked up to what you want it to be, I was very dedicated on having these so what was discomfort for me could very well be deep pain for someone who got venoms on a whim. Good luck with your piercing and just be sure to take care of it and it will be happy.


submitted by: Taylor Texas
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Frank
Studio: Screaming+Monkey
Location: San+Antonio%2C+TX

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