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Tastes like salted water

Since I got my ears pierced and stretched, I've been itchy for other holes in my skin. Permanent holes. A girl I know had venoms for about two years and I loved the way they looked. Original and cute. My parents, who aren't very piercing friendly, were out of town for a week, I was not working for two days and a good friend of mine wanted to get a surface piercing on her nape so we had to go to my favorite piercing shop. I decided to get pierced, but I was still hesitating between my nipples, my cleavage and my tongue. We entered the shop, asked to see Efix and discussed with him about getting brand new piercings. I simply adore that guy. Professional, talented, nice, always smiling, putting people at ease (my friend who didn't knew him was amazed). When he asked me what I wanted to get pierced, I answered without thinking "Well, I thought about Venoms..." and the decision was taken. So Efix went out to lunch, and my friend Audrée decided that I would be the first to go under the needle.

Half an hour after, I was sitting on the piercing chair, sticking my tongue out while Efix was drawing on it. Since my tongue is pretty long, he was able to put the far back so it is not very easy to see them when I talk. I agreed on the emplacement and he was ready to pierce. I lied down, began to drool, breathed in, and ouuut...OUCH!! It hurt so bad my right eye started to cry. The pain was so intense that I even thought about giving up on the second one... but having just ONE venom would've been ridiculous. Efix inserted the barbell, screwed it tight and I took my tongue back in my mouth. It felt great and I was all excited about getting the other one done. I suffered a little less for the second, but the pain was still very intense. A few seconds after, I stood up, sticked my tongue out in front of the mirror and fell in love with these little metal balls sitting on my tongue. Efix told me briefly about the aftercare, salted water + 2 advils liquigels every 4 hours to tak e the swelling down. Then Audrée got her nape pierced and as we got out of the piercing room, I scared an other customer that was about to get venoms too. I hope she suffered less during the piercing!

The first afternoon/evening went really well. Audrée s best friend brought me a smoothie by the pool, I didn't have any lisp or problem speaking and I even ate kraft dinner for supper. I washed my mouth often, took my advils and went to bed. My tongue had swollen a little

The morning after, my tongue was about twice its size and hurtful. Mornings were particularly difficult during the whole healing process. I spent the whole day watching movies, relaxing, eating cold things, doing jell-o and sleeping. I was not able to chew on anything and my muscles were sore when I spoke. Advils were very helpful, allowing me to speak without pain. I even went out that same night and had a lot of fun - a bottle of salted water in hand. A barmaid even gave me a glass full of ice.

The next day was back to work. My job involves a lot of speaking, in French and in English because I work in a very touristic area. Advils literally saved the day, and my colleagues had been very helpful, allowing me to have some breaks once in a while. The fourth day was about the same, but my tongue kept on getting bigger. That night, I stupidly failed on eating pizza, giving up after four bites (the pizza was already cold, it took me forever to chew on these four ridiculously small bites). On the fifth or sixth day, I woke up dizzy, with a little bit of fever and the two little metal balls I liked so much almost hidden inside my tongue. I stopped at the shop just before going to work, in panic and pain. I thought Efix would have changed the bars for longer ones but instead of that, he just screwed on a pair of bigger balls on the ones I already had (with some efforts, since the bars were stuck deep in my tongue). I thanked him and went to work, salted water bottle in hand
and advils in purse.

After that stressing episode, the swelling went down, and my tongue is back to normal right now. I can eat and talk without any difficulties. My babies will be three weeks old in two days and the bars seem longer everyday! I can't wait to change for shorter jewelery so I won't bite down on it when I eat.

When I got pierced, Efix told me I was brave to get venoms. I thought I knew what I was getting into, but the healing process was more painful and disturbing than I thought it would be, but it was worth it. If you think about getting venoms, please, DO IT! They look amazing, feel amazing (tested! maybe I was not supposed to, but it was too tempting..) and are fun to show! People give me wierd looks when I yawn in the bus, but I'm so proud of my tongue that it can't be helped!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Efix+Roy
Studio: D-Markation
Location: Quebec+City%2C+Canada

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