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I'm not exactly a "piercing junkie" but I can feel myself heading that way. I have two piercings in each of my earlobes and had my cartilage pierced for a while too (I want to get that redone eventually...PROFESIONALLY this time.) I love getting piercings... the small amount of pain is exhilarating and afterwards you have something that looks really cool and expresses your personality!  

About two and a half years ago I decide I wanted to get my tongue pierced. Being only 14 at the time I think that it was against state law for me to do it (I think you have to be 15 with parental consent) but I didn't know that and if I had I wouldn't have cared. I was dead set on it and nothing could make me change my mind! I started doing some research on the internet, mostly interested in the process and how much pain was involved and it seemed like a mildly painful and easy to care for piercing. A lot of people I talked to and experiences I read about told me that it was one of the least painful piercings you could get, even more so that your ears! I played with the idea of doing it myself at home. I had done my second earlobe piercings and my cartilage piercings at home either by myself or with the help of a friend.  I asked around and heard that if you did it yourself you could paralyze your tongue or lose your sense of taste if you did it incorrectly, I'm still not su

re if this is true but that definitely put me off doing it myself! After reading several stories on BME and some other websites I decided it would be best to have it done professionally. However this left me in a bit of a pickle...since I was a minor I would need a parent with me in order to get it done which meant that I had to ask my for permission.

My mom was a tattoo artist when I was younger so I figured she would be pretty laid back about this kind of piercing. She had always stressed that I had to wait until I was 18 to get a tattoo but she had been fine with me piercing my ears as many times as I wanted to and dying my hair every color under the sun (as long as we dyed it back by school time...dress codes) so I figured it would be easy to convince her to let me. The real problem I knew I would run into was my dad while he himself is COVERED in tattoos he is kind of uptight about the stuff me and my sister do. It took me close to a month to even get my mom to discuss it with my dad who said no immediately. I begged and pleaded to no avail, he was dead set against it...My mom convinced him to compromise and let me get my nose pierced instead, which is pretty cool and I still want to get that done but it just isn't the same...

I had all but forgotten about my hole-less tongue until a few months ago I brought up the notion of my mom giving me a tattoo BEFORE I turned 18(this topic is still under debate in my house...) when I started thinking about my tongue again. "I'm almost an adult now" was my defense to my dad continuous string of no's. Amazingly he finally caved!! I couldn't believe it!

"You're going to be 18 in may anyway might as well have you in my house when it gets infected so I can get you something off the ambulance (my dad is a paramedic) while you tell me how you should have listened to your much older and wiser father..." he joked, "Besides I can't wait to make fun of your brand new lisp that you are going to be stuck with if it heals!"

I had to get it done quickly before he changed his mind! That weekend my mom took me into Lubbock about 45 minutes from where I live to a tattoo shop called INKfluence. I walked up to the counter and showed them my driver's license my birth certificate (some places, like INKfluence, require it) and my mom's Id. The piercer was very nice about it and explained exactly what he was going to do. He had me and my mom sign some papers and he gave me a page of care tips and three bottles of alcohol-free mouth wash for later. I paid him my $53.00 and he showed me into one of the rooms where he had all the equipment set up and ready to go.

I sat on the table, a lot like the kind you would find in a doctors office, and he gave me some mouth wash to rinse with. He then dried my tongue and marked it with ink (he used liquid ink on a toothpick, which I had never seen done before) and had me check it in the mirror. I told him looked good and he got the clamp ready. He asked me to swallow and said the clamp shouldn't hurt but it might be uncomfortable. He then handed me a folded paper towel.  "Is it going to bleed?" I asked a, little scared.

"No but you're going to drool a lot" he replied with a chuckle, "if not now defiantly later" I stuck my tongue out and he clamped it. He asked if I was read and I nodded unable to speak obviously. He counted 1...2...3

The needle was in and out before I even knew it! It wasn't completely painless, it did pinch a little when it went through the top layer but other than that it didn't really hurt. He but the bar in after the needle and screwed on the top it was really weird to feel the cold metal begin to reach my body temp from the INSIDE of my tongue!!I hopped off the table and displayed my newly skewered tongue to my mom who asked me if it was worth it.

"Totally!" I replied. "Any droolage yet?" she asked "Nope!" I was so excited I practically skipped down the sidewalk to the parking lot where my mom's minivan resided. I got to the door and looked at my piercing for the first time, reflected in the passenger side window. It was then that I realized my tongue had already swollen to twice its normal size not long after that it started to throb. I go some ice and water at a gas station and took some ibuprofen to help with the swelling. On the way hope I kept looking at it in the visor mirror, it was huge and it really hurt. I tried to keep talking to a minimum for two reasons: 1. I could even think about moving my tongue without it throbbing in protest and 2. I had a horrible lisp! I was almost regretting it by the time I got home. My dad had made hamburgers and I was starving! I tried to eat a hamburger but it took me almost an hour to get down half of it because my tongue was so swollen. By this time I was really wondering wh at I was thinking, sticking a metal spike in my tongue?

All I drank for the next three days was ice and water I kept eating to a minimum and only eating soft, cold, and mildly spiced food, rinsing with alcohol-free mouthwash after every meal. I took two ibuprofen every three hours to keep the swelling down, and within the weekend it was almost completely healed! Now it looks really awesome and while that first night seemed bad it really wasn't any worse that the pain you have after piercing your ears it was just harder to deal with. I got some new shorter tongue rings(the one they put in was ¾ in and after a month you should switch it for a shorter ½ in one.) I made the mistake, however, of getting externally threaded jewelry, it is a little uncomfortable to switch out, compared to the internally threaded.

All in all I'm really glad I did it. But remember just because mine healed really quickly and awesomely it doesn't mean yours will do as well, everyone is different it may take more or less time depending on how you care for it and how your body reacts to it. The first few days are hard and a little painful, you have to rinse often and make sure it's clean. But if you really want it I say GO FOR IT!! It takes some responsibility and care but in the end you wind up with something really awesome!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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