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My Tongue Piercing

It wasn't until I realised I was gradually running out of piercings I could actually having without my parents noticing straight away that I came to the idea of having my tongue pierced. I started looking tongue piercings up on the internet; complications, how it's done, etc. I noticed that there was a lisp sometimes and swelling to the point it's painful to eat which worried me slightly as my parents were bound to notice that and get me to take it out before it's healed up. I asked around my friends and came to the same conclusions. This was a small hitch but I was feeling brave and cocky and decided to get it done anyway. To make matters worse I arranged to meet my mother an hour after it was done.

So come the next day (I don't hang about) off I go into town to the local piercer and tattooist, Pure. I have all my piercings done there and I feel comfortable with the cleanliness and procedures done. The woman at the counter went through the basic stuff about checking my tongue for blood vessels but opted for a second opinion as she couldn't be sure. I went around the back to the piercing area and waited for the piercer to become available. Once she double checked my tongue was fine to pierce in the centre I went back to the front to have the usual giggle about my horrific passport photo. Once the formalities were done I went back round to the piercer. At this point I was feeling pretty nervous. I'd been chatting to a young boy next to me who was getting his top ear done. At this point I realised that compared to when I got my top ear done this was seriously going to hurt.

The piercer called me in and sprayed the freeze spray in my mouth and got me to swill it all over my tongue. When I was fully numbed and slightly dribbley she clamped my tongue. This was the bit I heard was the most painful but I didn't feel it at all. She pushed the needle through bottom to top. Ouch. I could feel it travelling all the way through my tongue. When it got to the middle I even gave out a little whimper. Then she took the clamps off. I being blonde and not thinking straight automatically started bringing my tongue back into my mouth- with the needle sticking through the middle of it. It didn't hurt just felt weird to stab myself in the lip with it. She reminded me to keep my tongue sticking out (a bit late for that in my opinion) and fixed the bar onto the bottom of the needle. Pulling the bar through hurt the least I have to say. Once she screwed the ball on the top she went through the cleaning regime with me and gave me a glass of water to rinse my mouth in.
I took the first swill and spat it out with nothing out of the ordinary. In the second swill I noticed there was a lot of blood in my mouth. This worried me slightly but I kept swilling and spitting until it gradually started to ease off. As I left she told me to get an ice cold sugary drink ASAP.

Normally I don't get the light-headed feeling but this was in a heat wave and I hadn't eaten all day. So naturally a few yards down the road I started to feel a bit faint. I started panicing and hunting around for the nearest café I could get a drink in. By the time I got into it I couldn't see much and was blundering around. I found the counter eventually and tried to order an ice cold coke. Except the freeze spray was still working, I had a lisp, I felt incredibly faint and I was dribbling slightly. The waiter looked slightly shocked at me and it took a few repetitions to get him to understand what I wanted. All the time I was feeling worse and worse. After what felt like a lifetime he bought it over and I faced a new challenge- teaching myself to swallow. Once this was mastered (jamming the bar inbetween my jaws) I felt a lot better with the drink inside me. I took some Ibuprofen's to stop swelling, the freeze spray had worn of and I had stopped drooling. I was surprised a t how little it hurt. It felt a bit like those times when you get a pin stuck in your finger; it doesn't hurt but it feels weird when you wiggle the pin around.

So I went off to meet my mother. She never noticed. I knew my parents were unobservant but this was something else. I bought lots of soups and soft food because I knew it would be a long time before I would be eating solids. When I got home I tried eating a slice of bread. Big mistake. It got stuck in my teeth, wrapped round the bar and I couldn't swallow it. Not because it hurt too much but because I had been fitted with an extra long bar. As I had no swelling the excess was getting in the way. In the end I ate half of it and gave up. At dinner I managed to get away with just a thin slice of ham, a lump of soft cheese and 2 slices of tomato.

I keep drinking cold drinks and washing with salt water but now what I'm eagerly awaiting is to have the shorter bar put in so I can eat a bit better and try out my new tongue addition on my male counterparts (I hear it gives very good oral).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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