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My Long Awaited Tongue Piercing

So I have been interested in piercings since I was 8 or 9 years old. I had always wanted my tongue pierced but my cousins told me it was a sign of sexuality and of being slutty, so I pushed the thought to the back of my mind, until I started getting piercings. Mind you, I did do some of my own piercings myself, of my mom would decide to bring the piercing gun out and attack me:(

I nagged and nagged to get my mom to take me to get it done, I even worked 3 part time jobs just to same up. And of course, it didn't work. So I tried my dad, who almost passed out when his little girl actually asked him to take her to get a needle rammed through her tongue by some guy and not be able to eat or talk for a while. To my dad, it was a horrible idea and you had to be stupid or have something wrong with you to get it done, so I felt really bad and almost regretted it, but it was still in the back of my mind, I just tried to ignore the temptation,but when I turned 16, I had my license and a car and a thought that was hidden in the back of my mind for years that was about to become reality. (Even though I knew my brother was going to kick my ass for it.)

I didn't have a job as of yet, so my friend and I jumped in the car bright and early and headed to Bridgewater on a mission.

When we got to the shop, the piercer/ tattoo artist was doing a back piece tattoo, and he said he wouldn't have time that day,which really upset me, but when the guy who was getting tattooed turned around, it was my friends dad Jeff (RIP), and he said he would let me go ahead if he could watch. So Here I am, all hyped up and pumped to get this done.

Aaron got me in the chair and I was soo excited, and then he gave me the mouth wash which made me want to throw up, but anyways, and he is my friend and Jeff freaking out because they're so nervous.

The clamps went on, and it was nothing, didn't even realize it actually. And when he put the needle through, I was a little disappointed because there was no pain, like, nothing!!!!! So he put the bar in and screwed the ball on and I fell in love with my tongue, while my audience are still freaking out wondering why I'm not crying or bleeding.

When I was done, I paid and we jumped in the car. My phone rang shortly after and it was my mom, I had no worries, my tongue wasn't swelling....UNTIL I started talking to her and she noticed something wasn't right so I passed the phone to my friend and she told her what happened, then and there I was told if I go home with my labret and my eyebrow ring still in, they would rip them out with vise grips, that's when my nerves kicked in.

Anyways, I hung up the phone and realized that I needed something cold, and QUICK!! So We went to McDonalds where I tried to order an extra large glass of ice, and after 20 minutes and a piece of paper and a pen, the lady at the counter realized what I was looking for and wouldn't even let me pay, so then I went to my buddy's car shop, where my friend and I are the only girls, and they made fun of me for hours, and then I finally headed home, with butterflies in my belly thinking that my mom and dad are actually sitting there with vise grips, but they didn't, THANK GOD!! And my dad actually thought it was cool, so that made me feel better. He just gave me the warning the hide from my brother unless I wanted him to rip my tongue out of my mouth, so I did, I avoided him for a month. For the next little while, I constantly had my tongue hanging out of my mouth because I was so proud of my tongue ring, which I have now had for 3 years. Every time that I take it out and try to tal k or anything, I feel naked. It has grown to be a part of me, and something that I love to play with. Every once and again, I take it out and just look but it totally doesn't look like me. I'm planning on getting either another center bar, venoms or maybe a horizontal. No time soon, since I'm looking to get a couple more tattoos first, but I can't wait til the day comes!!

So anyone that wants to get there tongue pierced, GIT R DONE!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Aaron
Studio: Artistic+Issues
Location: Bridgewater

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