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DIY tongue web done on a whim!

So, where to start? I've spent so much time on Bmezine researching body modification and reading other peoples' experiences that it feels rather odd to be writing my own.

My first piercing was, as usual, standard-gunned earlobes. After that, I went against my parents' wishes and got a second set of earlobe piercings. (A real rebel, eh?!) I seemed to always have a bit of an interest in body modification, but it had peaked when I met a friend's cousin who had her tongue pierced. I thought she had to be the coolest person on the planet. It looked so badass to me and I knew I would eventually HAVE to have it. Now all in all, at 19 and much to my parents' dismay, I have a set of 8ga lobes, 2 upper helix, a standard industrial, left nostril, center tongue, right nipple and a 14ga conch. My tongue, conch, nipple and industrial were all done by a great local piercer. He's super patient and very sterile and I feel insanely comfortable with him. I would recommend him to anyone and the shop is a great, safe environment. Although, when it came to wanting to get my tongue web done, (which I had wanted for quite some time) I was a little irked that he charg ed $20 more for the tongue web as opposed to the center tongue. The reason being, that it is a more "complicated" piercing- and I agree. It certainly seems a bit more troublesome to get the ball on, etc... But I wasn't really willing to spend that much money on a fairly hidden piercing when I am in such a financial bind at the moment. Trust me- I know it doesn't hurt to spend more money to get the job done right and I still feel that way. I give great tips and totally respect his work and will certainly be back again, but I'm also a very stubborn girl and decided I would simply do it myself. I pierced a friend's nostril, several earlobes & my second upper helix. This of course does not mean that I am expert by ANY means, but hey, I at least did my research! I read tons and tons of experiences on here and figured out my plan...

So a couple months after thinking about the "DIY" method, I got bored and finally did it. I brushed my teeth for a couple minutes and managed to gurgle with mouthwash for all of fifteen seconds before I couldn't handle the burning any longer. Then I began to set up my "piercing equipment." My mom has medical supplies around the house and she happens to have a bunch of hallowed 18ga needles. Not the ideal size, but they are pre-packaged, professional and they sure beat a rusty old safety-pin or sewing needle. I also set out my 16ga curved barbell with acrylic balls. It's definitely not the best jewelry, especially for the initial piercing, but DIY piercings done on a whim are seldom done in the "right" way. I had pierced my ears and cartilage before with an 18ga needle and managed to slip in 16ga jewelry with ease, so I figured it would be just as easy for my tongue web. Although this was not the case as you will soon find out.

So, after a minute or two, I went for it. Three times to be exact. It seemed pulling the needle out as quick as possible and finding the tiny hole again in such an awkward area of your mouth with too-big jewelry was NOT easy. After a while I finally shoved an 18ga butterfly-post earring in to prevent the hole from "growing over" while I frigged around with the barbell. I then got an acrylic taper I had that went from 18ga to 16ga. I removed the cheap sterling silver earring and stretched it a bit with the taper (which surprisingly was relatively pain-free, although I don't recommend it!) and got the barbell in quickly. Screwing the ball on was actually very quick for me, and this was a relief since I read that so many people struggled with it for 20-30 minutes. I believe it is easier to screw on the end when you have a curved barbell, or at least that was my explanation. Afterwards, I gurgled with some saline solution, (yum!) threw away the needle and a million blood/saliva s oaked paper towels and checked out my new piercing. The bleeding was short-lived and was just caused from "prodding" the web so many times.

It's only been a couple of hours and I realize that it is a bit more shallow than I had hoped, but it's perfectly centered and compliments my center tongue ring nicely. Maybe it will end up rejecting in the long run, but it will be cute while it lasts. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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