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my badass tongue web

[Just a little background information] I've been piercing myself and others for the past two years. All of my piercings are DIY and I don't recommend them unless you have the proper materials. Infections are not a joke. If you're 18 or over, just cough up the cash, you won't regret it! MY piercings and tattoos are hidden because my parents do NOT approve of them. I've had to take many piercings out simply because I knew they'd find out. I tend to do something and not think about the consequences. Not the greatest quality! I was determined to make an informed decision for once. I researched much more on easily hide-able piercings or piercings that healed quickly, etc. And came across the beautiful, beautiful tongue web. I looked at literally thousands of pictures for placement, jewelry, and the like. I decided on using a curved barbell and pierce it fairly deep. This was a month ago when I bought my needle. I've been anxious to do the actual piercing for some time, and now tha t it's done i don't know how I waited so long!

Finally the day came yesterday afternoon. I cashed my paycheck and headed straight over to the mall to buy some body jewelry. I ended up spending every penny I had because i couldn't resist changing out my old plugs, septum retainer, and surfaces with shiny new cute ones. I literally had exact change for the cashier. It left my wallet completely empty, but this was fate my friend, and I don't ignore fate. I browsed over Hot Topic's curved barbells and saw they were all too small [eyebrow] or too excessive [belly button] for my little fragile tongue web. So i used the same jewelry that I did on my septum, a circular barbell. I knew, and know now how beautiful they look together all in a line.

I had to wait quite a bit until my parents went to sleep. I didn't want them to walk in on me and I didn't want to speak to them or eat around them until I had practiced myself. I bought the proper 14g piercing needles weeks before, still in the sterile package. I wiped down all the jewelry with the sterilizing wipes the people who sold me the needle gave me. I had Whitechapel blaring in the other room so I would chill out. I tend to get so much adrenaline from piercing I almost pass out. It's not a good quality.

Then I started to set up the piercing itself. I shoved eight or nine cotton balls on either side of my tongue to keep it up, and I set a few aside to mop up saliva while in the process. I can't stress enough! Cotton balls are life savers! So I simply dried the underside of my tongue, pulled my web out as far as it would go and slid the needle through. Completely painless! From there I stuck one end of my 16g circular barbell into the end of the hollow needle and pulled it through, putting the jewelry in place perfectly. Screwing the spike on the other end took less than 30 seconds too because I was incessantly drying everything off. I removed the cotton balls and tried to swallow. I felt like a coma patient re-learning how to do normal bodily functions. I sprinted into the kitchen and snagged a full glass of water to play around with my piercing and learn to swallow in general. How much hilarity can one person encounter, right?

Messing around with a tiny little ball and all the saliva that is in your mouth sounds awful. Dry everything off! Also, don't pierce above a sink! You will lose the ends to your jewelry and sometimes even the jewelry itself! If you need to pierce above one, make sure the drain is closed. And if you drop anything make sure to sterilize it afterward!

All in all, the only problem I've encountered was with the jewelry I used clanging against my teeth. I will eventually switch to balls, which I think will cause less pain. I recommend using a curved barbell NOT a circular to begin with. The pain feels like a baby bruise in your mouth, and mine is still slightly sore after about 12 hours. I've been drinking lots of ice water which is helping a lot! I am currently eating fruit loops which has been a trying and amusing fiasco but nonetheless painless. I've noticed some swelling but not excessively. There also has been no discoloration so far.

I definitely recommend this piercing to anyone who has the right materials! It's simple, painless, and very unique. I am the only person I know personally with it pierced. Have fun and keep it all clean and dry!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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