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Easiest piercing I've ever had!

Here is my story about my center tongue piercing! About a month ago before I went on vacation I had the idea of getting a new piercing. I wanted to get it done a couple weeks before I went, but my friends wanted to go with me. So exactly three days before I went on vacation I went and got my tongue done! I didn't care about the pain, but for some reason all I was worried about was it swelling and me not being able to breathe. I have a lot of anxiety about breathing. I have asthma, and when I can't breathe i get a little worried.

My friend Kacey and I went to the place that I always get my piercings and tattoos, it's called 12 oz Studios. It's located in Brooklawn, NJ. Well the piercer mark is so nice and amazing. Immediately he starts joking with me and checking out how good the other piercings he's done on me are. Immediately after that I ask him questions and tell him how scared I am of swelling. He told me that if I just take care of it and clean it then it should be fine.

Then came the set up of all the tools he needed to use. He made sure to tell me that all the tools were new and opened the package in front of me. At that point my whole head started shaking and my legs wouldn't stop moving. Which for him meant that he had to joke around with me a little more. So he yelled at me for kicking him with my jumpy legs. After that I couldn't help but relax and laugh about how nervous i was. Then he put a bib type thing on me. The kind that you wear at the dentist. I guess it's for the people who drool all over.

I opened my mouth, he dried my tongue. It was such a weird feeling, you can't possibly imagine it. Then he clamped my tongue, looked for where my web under my tongue started and put the needle in place. I felt a tiny pinch and it was done! He put on the balls and said "give me some tongue!" to see how it looked. That was probably the easiest piercing I have ever gotten. No pain at all and when i put my tongue back in my mouth I was oddly surprised at how I barely noticed it in my mouth. I even talked normal too, which he told me that I might not be able to do for a couple days. He then also told me that he hadn't seen someone with a quivering lip in a long time. I guess from all my nerves, everything on me started shaking without me even knowing.

The whole rest of the day I tried not to eat or talk. My tongue just felt like I constantly had someone pinching it. I ate lots of ice chips and cold water. That night I did everything I was told to do. I rinsed my mouth out with non alcohol mouth wash and even raised my head up above my heart before I went to sleep. He didn't tell me to do the last one, but I heard a bunch of people say to do that. That morning, i woke up and my tongue felt fine. Later on I went to princeton to watch them shooting Transformers two. I saw some of the characters in the movie, and was glad that if i did have the chance to talk to them that i could. Without a lisp! Afterwards I even ate! I ate a cheeseburger at my friends house, and just cut it up into small pieces. It didn't hurt but it was very hard not to bite the ball. If you do bite the ball, it is so awkward and weird. All that day i constantly played with my piercing. I don't recommend that though because it can cause a lot of swelling! P lus if you get it caught on a tooth or your lip, it hurts!

After that, everything went perfectly. Minus the fact that my tongue started hurting from using too much mouth wash. I recommend diluting it with water after awhile. Other than that, everything went great! I recommend this piercing to anyone who wants it! I also recommend finding an amazing piercer and sticking with them! My piercer remembers me every time and gives me a discount for going in there so much. He's very good about answering any questions you have, i email him with some almost every time i get pierced. So go out and get your tongue done if your thinking about it! If you have IAM, add me on there and let me know how your piercing went! Happy piercing! =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Mark
Studio: 12+oz.
Location: Brooklawn

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