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DIY Tongue Piercing

First of all I want to start out by saying that DIY tongue piercing is very, very, very, risky and hitting a vein can cause you to bleed to death.Not to stop anyone who is dead set on doing it themselves, just to say so if your unsure about it don't take any chances. So now that it is mentioned time to go on with my story.

Back a long long time ago I really, really, really, wanted my tongue pierced, but I was 16 years old. MY influences came from watching T.V. and seeing how some people had their tongue pierced. Back then I actually never even considered getting your tongue pierced was possible.I was young and unsure but I knew that if I were to get it done or do it myself I would be the talk of the school. Instead of asking permission from the parentals and getting a definite NO! I decided to go on my own painful adventure. By this time at my age I had already pierced my eyebrows and my nose by myself I figured, "Hey why not do it myself?" Now just so people know. Yes, I know know this was stupid but oh well. My body, my death right? Not really, just kidding about the death part. Anyways so I purchased some piercing needles from some tattoo shop that a friend of mine worked at and I decided, well I have these needles and I have a bunch of tongue rings that I had bought from the mall so I AM GO NNA DO IT!!!!

I was sitting in my bedroom late one night thinking "Now would be a better time than ever to give myself another piercing." So I managed to work up the courage. I stood in front of the mirror in my bedroom for a few good hours slowly pushing the needle through my tongue and every time I felt this tenderness I'd kind of wiggle the needle a little and the pain would go away. I was drooling every where and my fingers hurt from pushing the needle but I had to make this experience as painless as possible. But, MAN oh MAN did that take a long freaking time. Anyways, by the time I had finally had the needle through my tongue I couldn't celebrate yet because I didn't have the barbell through so it wasn't over. By this time my tongue was already starting to swell but thankfully, I got the barbell through my tongue.. or at least to the bottom of my tongue but for some reason it would not go through the hole in the bottom of my tongue, and there was a thin layer of skin separating the b arbell from "fresh air" So, I grabbed a pair of tweezers and yanked it through my skin, desperate to have a tongue ring. Well, it worked. Surprisingly there had been no blood. I stuck my tongue out for a little bit in the mirror congratulating myself and taking pictures. Then got on AIM messenger to tell some friends "OMG I just pierced my tongue!". Before I could type OMG, I had passed out on the floor. It was so strange. My sister was in the room and to make matters worse jumped on top of me. I'm laying passed out on the floor with some idiot 14 yr-old on me saying "Are you DRUNK?!?" After I came too I was laying there wondering what happened, and it had hit me really hard. "Wow i have an exotic piercing!" I say exotic because I come from rural Georgia where kids just don't have piercings and my parents were old enough to be my grandparents. My friends at school really loved it and a few asked me to do theirs but that was a big No No. I didn't trust myself to do that to an yone else besides me. I don't wanna be charged with murder or something.Yikes.

There had been no blood just a little swelling for about 3 or 4 days nothing too horrible.I couldn't eat anything but yogurt and mac and cheese and other various soft foods though even swallowing was horrible. I rinsed a few times everyday with alcohol free Listerine after every time I ate and I used piercing antiseptic on my mouth every hour. There was no infection, and only after a few days all the swelling had gone and I was able to show off this awesome silver ball in my mouth.Now a few years later my tongue ring is better than ever! Though my parents saw it and freaked out (more times than one) it lasted this long and I still love it as much as the night I did it!

Since that night I have also pierced my naval and my tongue web.I completely and utterly recommend this piercing to anyone. It was a crazy experience but in the end was worth it. I'd rather people to go get their's professionally done seeing as how my piercing experience could have gone wrong in many many different ways.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Myself
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