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DIY Tongue Web

Well for starters, my name is Karalaine and I am 14 years old. My parents are the kind of people who would let me pierce my ears as many times as I wanted (currently 14 times, most which were also self done), but would have a complete lecture waiting for any time I would ask about any other body modifications. Their biggest thing was a facial piercing, which they thought would ruin my chance of being successful. Of course, since I wasn't allowed to get a single facial piercing, this is what I wanted the most.

I have been thinking about piercing my tongue web for about a year, after seeing some pictures of them on BME. I thought they were great, and would be easy to hide from my parents. At the time I had a hallow needle (which I lost not long after that), and I went poking around my tongue web. It hurt badly just poking, so I pushed that idea into the back of my mind.

About 2 days ago I was back on BME, looking at more pictures. The tongue web, once again, sparked my interest. This time I had a 16g barbell and a 16g hoop, which I had bought for my tragus piercing. Although I had the write jewelry, I didn't have the right kind of needle. Now I know everyone is going to be shaking their heads in disappointment in what I am about to say. I used a safety pin.

I went into my bathroom (my piercing headquarters) with a large safety pin, the hoop and the barbell, a tube of orajel, and a pair of pliers. I was the only one home, so I wasn't worried about anyone coming in a wanting to know what I was doing, but I locked the door just in case.

I put orajel on my tongue web, after effortlessly lifting my tongue to the roof of my mouth. Now many people say the hardest part is keeping your tongue up for so long, and frankly, I don't understand it. Keeping my tongue up was the easiest part of the whole ordeal. My tongue web was now numb and I was ready. I lined up the safety pin and shoved it through my tongue web. I was scared about the 'tent effect' which most people talk about in their experiences here on BME, so I held my thumb to the other side of my tongue web. The needle went through easily, but what do you know, it hurt. Not really a large pain, just more of a bee sting kind of pain.

I knew I couldn't immediately remove the safety pin and put in the jewelry, but how was I supposed to walk around with a large safety pin in my mouth for at least an hour? Hmm... wire cutters, BINGO! I ran out to the garage and used -dirty- wire cutters to cut off as much of the safety pin as possible. I could now bring my tongue inside my mouth and it was relatively comfortable. I came back inside, sat down at the computer, and waited for at least an hour and fifteen minutes, just to be sure the hole wouldn't close when I took the safely pin out.

I ran back into my piercing headquarters, and looked closely in the mirror. After inspecting it for a few minutes, I knew there was no way the jewelry could fit into that hole, I would have to stretch it more. I ran into the spare bedroom/sewing room, and got a large sewing machine needle. I cut the pointy end off with pliers, I didn't want to make a new hole, just go through the old one.  Back in my bathroom, I quickly pulled the safety pin out and replaced it with the sewing needle. I moved the needle to make sure my tongue web was on the fat part of the needle, so it could stretch. Now back to the waiting.

Another hour and I was back in my bathroom. I pulled the needle out of my tongue web and tried to put the barbell in, but my tongue web was too swollen, the barbell just wasn't long enough. Next I tried the hoop. It went through with only one problem, I couldn't find the hole in the very last layer of skin. I wanted this piercing too bad to give up now, I forced the hoop through that last layer. This was the most painful part, it actually brought tears to my eyes.

I admired my new piercing in the mirror for several minutes before I began trying to put the balls on the ends of the hoop. I grabbed a pair of pliers and held the hoop in place and easily and painlessly threaded the ball onto the end of one side of the hoop. Now I had once more side to go, and I was done. The other ball went just as easily. By this time my stomach was growling, I hadn't eaten anything all day, and It was 5:00 P.M. After looking at my piercing one last time, I ran into the kitchen, put some hot pockets in the microwave, and sat down to eat.

Eating wasn't anything like I had anticipated. It was rather simple, it didn't hurt, and I didn't feel like the hoop was coming out, like most people said it would. I was incredibly happy with the way my piercing had turned out. After, I was done eating I went into the kitchen, mixed up some salt water and rinsed for about 30 seconds. I am taking every precaution now to make sure my piercing doesn't get infected, because I didn't take them during the actual piercing process

My parents still don't know, and as soon as the swelling goes down, I am putting the barbell in, which is much less noticeable. The only thing I am afraid of is telling my boyfriend of 1 year and 4 months. He isn't too thrilled with my piercing fascination, but he said he would always love me no matter what, so this should be no different. I think I am just going to let him find it, and not tell him about it, maybe that will go over better.

Anyways, this is a wonderful piercing and I recommend it to everyone. I love the uniqueness of it. Also, many people will tell you not to do it yourself, and there is a reason for that. There are many veins in your mouth, and hitting one could severely hurt you. Many people say you could bleed to death from hitting a vein, I have no idea how true that is, but I don't itend on finding out.

Good Luck and Happy Piercing!

Feel free to email me ([email protected]) or send add me on aim (x03karissa03x)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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