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Breaking the rules...tongue piercing.

Okay, so...I've submitted a story on here before about having my tongue web pierced (which I've done twice now, both only for a week). Now, this is about getting my actual tongue pierced. It's pretty great to me knowing that I was breaking the rules extremely bad doing it...but not so much for others.

I was on a People to People Student Ambassador Trip that went to seven different countries in Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia). I had become real good friends with three other people on my trip (two girls and a guy). Since we had started hanging out, we made mischief. It was so fun though.

We began our mischief with drinking (WAY against program rules) and eventually went into getting piercings in Latvia. It was June 26th, one of the girl's birthdays, and we had been joking about getting our tongues pierced since the beginning of the trip; but, here we came upon a tattoo/piercing shop and went in. It was pretty cheap to get everything done, about 30 American dollars for your tongue. So, the girl whose birthday it was went first and got her tongue pierced...her's hurt a lot. The next girl went and got her belly button done. I chickened out.

Anyways, as the day went on, they showed the other guy from our group their piercings and he wanted his done...but I wanted to get mine done first. So, after lunch (the girl's did theirs in the morning), we went back to the studio. There were no people waiting and everything was in the open. I was kind of worried about their cleanliness, but I didn't let it bother me. I knew my parents were going to kill me if they found out. But, I've never been a rule breaker, and I figured 16 would be a good age to get a taste of it. Haha, so, I sat on the piercing table/bed thing and watched as the man got everything ready.

Now, I was definitely scared...the other girl said her's hurt, so I was nervous. The piercer got the new bar out (which ended up being too short for the initial bar), the new needle, the clamps from the sanitizer stuff, and put on his gloves. He had gotten the bar from a locked cabinet and sterilized it with something. He then marked my tongue and I asked for a different marking. I liked the second one better because it was a little closer to the front (but also more to the side, which was easily visible to me, not so much to others). So, he put the clamps on as I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst. PINCH, it was over. Nothing, no pain whatsoever. It was like an ant bite. Then, the tube came out and the bar went in...THAT hurt like a mofo.

I was extremely happy to actually have gotten it done! It looked really good and I liked having metal in my mouth. Now I just had to deal with the swelling. After some time in the city, we had dinner and more free time when the other guy we hung out with went to a different studio and got his tongue pierced (his was the same price, but they used the long bar and were cleaner). Now, all four of us had gotten something pierced.

The next morning was hell, literally...I woke up to a new sensation of swelling and I could barely talk. Breakfast was difficult enough with that (dinner the night before was too, I bit the ball) swelling, but having to chew slowly and all, it was awful. When we got on the bus to leave that morning, one of the leaders came up to me and the girl who had gotten her tongue pierced and was like, "Let me see your tongue..."

OH CRAP...that was my thought, but a little bit more vulgar. We showed her and then she told the other leader and we lost our free time, as well as the other two (the belly button girl got hers back because she texted her mom and got her to vouch that she had hers done before the trip). Now, I had to let my parents know. We tried calling them, but thankfully, there was no answer. I texted my mom three days after getting it pierced and told her. She didn't freak out like I thought she would, but that's because she didn't believe me.

A week after getting my tongue pierced, we flew home. By the way, days 2-5 of the piercing were the worst because of all the swelling...but I got used to it. When we arrived back home in wonderful Florida, our leader talked to me and my mom about the piercing and then my mom talked to me privately. We didn't argue or fight and she didn't seem like she was going to make me take it out. But, the next morning, she told me I had to. I was pretty ticked, but I came up with a wonderful plan: take it out when they're around and put it back in later. Yeah, not such a great idea. For one, some of the times I'd wait too long and the hole would be closing, and I'd have to rip the muscle in the hole...which hurt pretty bad. Also, I felt guilty for doing that...so a week after she said to take it out, I was actually going to. But I decided not to. BIG MISTAKE...that morning, my mom asked to see my tongue and I wouldn't show her...so I got caught keeping the piercing, which sucke d majorly.

I now sit here another week later (after being grounded) with my parents gone for the weekend leaving me alone. I wish I still had my tongue ring, but I will in less than two years when I turn 18. All in all, with my ridiculously long and boring story, I would definitely recommend this piercing to anyone wanting it. It's not hard to take care of and it looks great on lots of different people. Also, the girl who got her belly button pierced and the girl who got her tongue done are the only two of us four with theirs left. The other guy's parents made him take his out. Like mine, sadly.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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