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I finally pluck up the courage to do my Tongue Web

I've always had a real interest in different piercings and one that not every one has.I already have an 12mm stretched lobes,an orbital,an industrial,2 ear daith piercings,3 sets of lobe piercings and my navel pierced. But I still don't feel finished. A huge problem with fulfilling this is parents. Don't you hate when they try to rule stuff that YOU want on YOUR body? Anyway.. im always trying to discover new piercings that I can hide from them...

Then I came across the FRENULUM :)

Perfect piercing..you can play with it see it whenever you want just by lifting your tongue but conceal it all the time if necessary :)

So about 2 months ago I was sitting in my room looking through pictures of tongue web/frenulum on BME and discovered I really liked the look of them and I didn't know that many people who had them.

So in the next few days I did a hell of a lot of research, looking at other people's experiences, tonnes of pictures and generally everything you could learn or know about tongue webs and the dangers.

One thing that really scared me was on one of the sites I looked on said that tongue webs are quite likely to reject and the role of the frenulum is to stop you swallowing your tongue in your sleep and dying. Slightly off putting.But as I tend to be quite stubborn and always seem to do what I want no matter the out come.

So I was sitting in my room and just said "screw the stupid thoughts and go for it". I took a needle and cleaned it with boiling water and alcohol. I then took a wet wipe and cleaned my tongue and then a dry paper towel to dry my tongue off so I could grab it more easily.

I used the needle to test the level of pain,sucking my tongue up to the roof of my mouth so I could see what I was doing. The pain actually seemed non-exsistant and it was almost the whole way through already! So I just kept going and pushed the needle gently through to the other side. Automatically I started drooling everywhere and due to the length of the needle I couldn't close my mouth. It was very difficult to stop myself slabbering all over myself and the floor.

But after a minute or two i replaced the needle with a thicker earing (having this cleaned with the same method)to stretch the hole a bit more. Then I got the black titanium curved barbell I had bought earlier that week and replaced the earing with it. This is when it actually hurt and I felt the fresh piercing stretch. But I continued poking it through as I had come this far, and there was no way I was going back now.

It finally went in and got the black titanium spike and attempted to screw it on. This is still causing me problems to this day and is one of the hardest places to reach. I figured after around 20mins that if I hooked the barbell over my teeth i could get a good grasp of it to screw it on.

It was such a weird feeling and I didn't plan on telling my parents, as they'd freak, so eating was a random experience for a few days. I kept cleaning it with salt water but it seemed to be rejecting so after a week I took it out.

About a month later I was still feeling empty without it and really missed playing with the piercing, so I went through the whole process again and re-did it. This time it seemed higher up and I was scared it was going to be discovered by my parents. But it's been a month and my piercing is still going strong,and my parents still have no idea. :D

I sometimes have some problems with changing the bar, just when I need to screw on the second ball/spike. Also I would stress tightening the balls/spikes as tight as you can, as last week when eating quiche (at my friend Bonnie's house :) ) I felt the bar come out of my mouth and after swallowing the food I noticed that only the bar was left with one spike. Yes, i swallowed it. And to be honest it really annoyed me as i ordered the barbell from Glasgow and it was for an upcoming event. The worse but was the spikes glowed in the dark. What a bummer. Still pretty pissed about it. It also was slightly embarassing and Bonnie proceeded in pissing herself as it would've I suppose been funny if it wasn't me.

So all in all was the best thing ive ever done and don't necessarily advise doing it but I didn't have one problem with it. :)Best thing is it makes a clicky noise when I flick my tongue about. But this i do know does horrific damage to your teeth. Oh well, you only live once. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: self+done
Studio: my+bedroom
Location: Northern+Ireland

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