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DIY Tongue Web

Simply, i was itching for a new body piercing. I had already done my nipples any belly button myself, but i wanted more, more, more. It was the thrill of a needle breaking the skin, sliding a barbell or hoop in it's place, and squealing for joy when the ball was screwed on. It was like my nicotine- I couldn't go long without another taste.

So, after some deliberation, i decided on a piercing my parents would not easily see, because while they are relatively laid-back people, they seem to find piercings rather unattractive (I had to beg for six monthes before they let me have my tragus pierced professionally), so i knew asking for another trip to the parlor was going to be a NO. I wanted to pierce my tongue web. I knew very well the risks of tooth wear and gum damage, but I wanted to go for it anyways. I had hit a new part in my life, and what better way to celebrate then a tiny barbell poking out from under my tongue?

And unlike most DIY kids, I got a proper needle online, that was autoclaved and packaged 100% sterile. That was the cleanest part of my procedure. I didn't wear gloves (though i did wash my hands with antibacterial soap and warm water), I didn't have sterile jewelry (unless soaking in rubbing alcohol counts). I rinsed my mouth with a strong mouthwash, and lifted my tongue to touch the roof of my mouth. I poked the needle into the tongue web and it made a tiny pop, and i pushed until i could see the very tip of the needle poking through the other side of my lightly bleeding tongue frenulum. My adrenaline had since subsided, and i was left drooling and nervous about that final pop... I just couldn't do it. I removed the needle, tried to work the barbell in, but it wouldn't go through unless i forced it. SO, i pushed the needle in on the opposite side to made a larger cut, then i tried the jewelry again- It slid in with ease. I was thrilled, but the voice my my body jeweler, Lau ra, rang true. "It's going to be very difficult to get jewelry in such a small area yourself- Most likely, you'll need a piercer to do it for you."

I huffed at the idea and tried a free-hand screw on... Didn't work. I dabbed by my drool and blood and tried again at a different angle- Nothing. Finally, i grabbed that shaft with a pair of tweezers and held it in place while i screwed the ball on. and VIOLA! my fingertips were covered in slobber and streaks of blood, but it was in, it was there, and i was thrilled.

It's been about two weeks since I did it, and I love it completely. Healing it is a breeze, since I generally rinse my mouth after every meal anyways. It did swell a little, but what piercing doesnt? I did switch my barbell for a horseshoe that was much too big, but it felt very awkward, so i replaced it with the barbell again. And currently, it doesn't click against my teeth unless i stick my tongue out completely, something i am grateful for. If it clicked or rubbed on my teeth, i'd take it out immediately. a cool piercing isn't worth a lifetime of broken teeth. Also, eating was a breeze for me. it didnt interfere at all like i thought it would. I would pierce my tongue (professionally, of course) except i know that eating is difficult with a swollen tongue, and i like food too much to deal with that ;)

All in all, i don't encourage DIY piercings, unless you know what you are doing, know the risks, and have PROPER equipment. "sterile" does not mean a sewing needle held over a flame, or boiled in water- The flame will contaminate it more.. THe boiling will kill most bacteria if left to boil for at least twenty minutes, but please... Spend the five bucks for a proper needle- That's a fraction of the cost to get the piercing you want done, it has an official guage, and it goes through the skin much easier. If you are doing it for yourself, and not to be stupid, pierce yourself. DOn't pierce your friends- Most likely, they are just going to let it get infected and blame it on you, and then it turns into a huge mess- Plus, would you want them to blame their crooked piercing, keloid, or infection on you? I wouldn't want that hanging on my shoulders, Nevermind the fact that you have no idea if their blood is contaminated with anything.

Just be smart about it. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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