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My 13th piercing! and I'm 14

Hi everyone. My name is Cassie and I have 13 piercings so far. I have wanted my tongue pierced for like 2 years now. The piercings I have so far are 3 lobes on each ear, 2 cartilage, 1 industrial,1 tragus, 1 nose ring, 1 lip ring and now 1 tongue ring! I have done a few of those myelf. I did my cartilage myself, my 6 lobes, my lip and my now pierced tongue.

Ok. Fast forward like I would say three months ago. I wanted my tongue pierced really bad but my mom being the butt that she is would not let me get it done. She said they are sluty. Which I totally disagree. So being the impatient teenager I am I decided i would do it myself. I thought I would be experienced enough since i did a lot of piercings on my own. Which I have listed at the top of this page.

So first off I got my supplies out. My supplies consisted of a huge ass needle that was 14G, hydrogen peroxide to sterilize the needle and the jewelery, the silver barbell I would use to put in my tongue and a paper towel to wipe off the drool. Ok, I have my supplies. So I thought I would mark where I was going to put my tongue piercing.

I marked my tongue up for the entry point and exit point. I then picked my needle up and placed it on my tongue. It was a strange feeling with the needle on my tongue but I proceeded to push the needle downward. I was very suprised at how it did not hurt at all. I kept pushing until I got to the last layer. The last layer hurt a little bit but nothing I can not handle. So I took a deep breath and pushed the needle through the last layer of my tongue. After I got the needle through I just stood there for a few minutes amazed that I finally did it and also to make it easier for me to put the jewelery in.

I then twisted the ball off of the barbell I was going to put into my tongue and I followed the needle with the jewelery and it went pretty smoothly. It went better than I thought it would have went. So i put the needle on a tissue and I screwed the ball onto the barbell and there you go my new piercing. It felt weird when I put my tongue back into my mouth. So when I finished everything I wiped up all of my drool and went to my room.

My tongue did not swell at all. The next day I was eating nachos and cheese at school for lunch. My friends did not even notice that i had it. Well not until I told my Best Friend Tori. And she did not tell anybody. So I am pretty happy with the results. I put a regular sized barbell in too and my tongue did not swell up like a balloon like some stories I have read on here. But whatever everyone has there own pain and swelling stuff.

My cleaning method consisted of diluted mouthwash because if you do not dilute your mouthwash it can actually kill some of the cells that try to fight bacteria. I did this cleaning procedure for like two or three weeks and then I stuck to the Leave It The Hell Alone method. It healed in like 4 weeks. When it healed I started to change the barbells and it took me like not even 2 minutes to change it. I was suprised cause I thought it would hurt to change it. But it actually wasn't. My mom did not even notice until like two or three days later when I was talking funny for a while. She yelled at me of course but I did not even care because I love it.

So it has been going pretty well. Until I bought this pretty barbell. It was black with little poker cards on it. So I put it in and not even two day later my tongue started to hurt. So I thought I was allergic to the material. I took it out and put in my silver one on and I just took the cool ball off of the black one and put it on my silver one and my tongue has been fine ever since. So I definetly think I was allergic to the material. Even after it healed I started to drink Smirnoff Ice and other wine coolers and it did not hurt my tongue at all. I know I shouldn't be drinking at the age fourteen but I don't really care.

Well I hope that all of you have enjoyed my fabulous story about my self done tongue piercing. Well if you have any questions you can email me. Well with that I know DIY piercings are not good what so ever unless you have the right equipment. Well so long suckers. Laugh out Loud. I had to say that.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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