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Getting my tongue done!

Growing up, I was always confronted with body piercings and tattoos- thanks to my older sister. By the time child number four (me) arrived, my mother was already used to the "outrageous" body modifications one can have done.

Four years ago when I turned fourteen, I was in the process of doing my everyday household chores as Judge Judy was yapping about the defendant, for he had many piercings and tattoos. Without thinking and more so hoping to scare mom, I blurted out, "Mom, I want to go get my tongue pierced this weekend. Come with me to sign the papers so I can get it done!" Surprisingly, my mother agreed- without all of the questioning, accusations (you are having sex!), etc. As we sorted out when I would go, I was so excited and very nervous.

For the next week, I would constantly go onto sites such as BME reading other people's stories, aftercare instructions, expectations afterwards, etc. and looking at the different types of jewelry offered for the tongue piercing. I wanted to get as much research done as possible about getting my tongue pierced before I went to actually get my tongue pierced so I did not look like some fourteen year old loser.

Not only would I do my research at home, but I also constantly questioned my friend. She told me where she had gotten hers done, what her experience was like, how she cared for it, etc., so it was nice having a "real" person's first hand account of the events that were going to take place later on in the week. Monday came and went, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and then Saturday FINALLY arrived! I did all that I could to not start freaking out about: number one- a piece of metal being in my tongue for, what I had hoped to be quite awhile, number two- my tongue ACTUALLY getting pierced, number three- what my friends and family would think after I told them... Because I had only told a few of my close friends.

So like I said- the big day had arrived! I was very very very excited once my mom, little sister, and I had gotten into our car. We took the short drive to Electric Ink in Woodstock, Georgia, and proceeded to walk into the building- That was it! No turning back, no wussing out!

I have to admit, the place was a little spooky- maybe because it WAS my first time EVER in a tattoo parlor, but I really did not care about the nature of the store. It was growing on me with every passing minute.... Not to mention I was so excited by that point.

My mom, little sister, and I all took a look around at the same time. Just as we had all settled on the man behind a glass getting tattooed, another man walked out, introduced himself, and asked us what exactly we wanted. Me being the shy girl that I was (and getting my tongue pierced—what?! Haha..) my mom did all the talking. For some reason, though, I had thought that I was going to be judged as soon as I had walked in... I did not look like the part cool enough to even GET my tongue pierced. However, That was not the case at all. I felt like I could have sat right on the couch with them for the rest of the evening. Anyhow, my mom fills out the paperwork, shows ID, the whole deal, and we are told to go to a room in the back of the shop. After what seemed like forever (due to the sterilization process), it was finally time to get my tongue pierced. First he ran through what he was going to do, the aftercare, and much more information associated with tongue piercings.
The piercer took what looked like HUGE clamps out (but obviously, it was because I was so so so nervous), and proceeded to tell me to stick my tongue out all the way. He used to clamps to obviously clamp my tongue in place. He then pulled out this ridiculously long needle, said "one, two, three" and plunged that long a$$ needle straight into my tongue. With a gasp from my mom, and not even a movement from me (surprisingly), one AWESOME experience and fifty dollars later, I was the proud new owner of a pierced tongue! Approximately five seconds later, however, I went to lick my dry lips and got my tongue ring stuck between my lips and teeth. Initial reaction was to jerk my tongue back- ouch! I had to manually remove my jewelry from that tight spot, and tried talking- haha, that was a joke. We went over more information, warned me that I could not eat for a few days, etc. Afterwards, we went to get fast food. The guy was not kidding when he said I would only be eating , or slurping, soup and Jell-O.

Monday at school (I was still fourteen!) we were reading Romeo and Juliet. Ha! I know that people weren't laughing at just the dialogue.....

All in all, it has been four years to last April that I have had my tongue pierced. I would definitely recommend this piercing to anyone looking to get it. Be aware the talking thing though!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Location: Woodstock%2C+GA

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