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I fell in love with tongue web piercings the day our camp counselor lifted up her tongue and flashed the kids with a bit of metal when I was eight years old. Mom and Dad were against any piercing that wasn't located on my earlobes, so I picked fights with them frequently. Mom told me she would take me to get it when I turned 18, but I could not wait that long. Luckily I had a friend who did piercings!

She had been late on a few bills and needed the extra cash, so my friend agreed to pierce my tongue web even though it wasn't her favorite to do. I made sure that she knew how to do it, since the last time I saw her I ended up with a botch-job rook on one ear, and another that ended up surfacing and getting ripped out. She had me buy some seamless rings to use so she didn't have to fiddle with a cbr or screwing anything on in a pool of saliva. After managing to catch her at home on a Saturday evening, we got down to business.

The only gloves she had were ones she used to dye her friend's hair the week before, but we cleaned them up pretty well with alcohol. After cleaning everything up, I opened my mouth and lifted up my tongue, with a wad of toilet paper underneath. She counted to three and stuck the needle through and I got my adrenaline rush. It didn't hurt at all-it was just an odd feeling-but I could feel my spirits soaring. It took her about a minute and a half to get the ring in and squeeze it shut, and that was it. I hardly drooled at all, which surprised me. I was ecstatic. She asked me for $25 to do the piercing, but I gave her an extra $5 because she did have to stick her hands in my mouth.

On the drive home I practiced talking and flipping the ring around in my mouth, checking on it at every stoplight. When I got home, I snuck my huge can of sea salt past my parents (to avoid questioning) and ran upstairs to clean it. –That was where the trouble began. When she tried to shut the ring, it was still open about half a millimeter. Well, that part was now stuck in the middle of my tongue web. After trying to turn it around and get it unstuck, it was suddenly in my fingers. I quickly wrenched it open and shoved it back through to hole to keep it open while I found some other jewelry.

After digging around a bit, I found a 16g barbell with bright blue balls that screw on both ends. I cleaned it, screwed one end on very tightly, removed the ring, and stuck it through. Luckily my tongue was bleeding a tiny bit to show me where to put it, otherwise I wouldn't have known where the hole was. Uh oh, this was the nightmare I had read about. It took me absolutely forever to try and screw on the other ball. I tried holding my tongue in so many positions and had to dry off my fingers every few minutes but still no luck I managed to track down two pairs of tweezers and held one end of the barbell with one pair and screwed on the ball with the other pair. This made it ridiculously easy once I figured out which way to screw the ball. Tweezers make everything easier! After thirty-five minutes of raping my tongue, I stood back and smiled. I rinsed out my mouth with sea salt, grabbed the tweezers (in case I would need them), and called my friend to tell him I
would be late for our movie.

On Monday, no one noticed the whole day-that was my test to make sure my parents wouldn't see it. I started showing it off on Tuesday, but only to people that I knew it would freak out. The most common response I got was "OH MY GOD," to which I just smiled and laughed.

Exactly one week after I got it done, one of the balls came unscrewed right after eating lunch at work. Mom was in the other room (I work for my parents) so I frantically rushed around looking for anything that could be used to grab the ball and screw it back on. I managed to find an awkwardly large tweezer-plier device and somehow got the ball screwed back on. Crisis averted! (I now carry a tweezers with me wherever I go.)

It was only swollen for a few days after I got it pierced, and it felt completely healed after about four days. If it ever feels sore or swollen, I just swish around with some sea salt and water and it immediately settles down. At first I noticed that the holes weren't completely lined up, but after a few weeks they straightened themselves out and no one can even notice that they aren't even.

It's been three weeks now, and my only family member to have seen it (that I know of...) is my brother. He is now blackmailing me, but with thankfully nothing too harsh. Mom might have seen it after week two, when I was licking some cookie dough off a spoon, but she hasn't said anything yet.

I'm probably going to have to remove it when I get my wisdom teeth pulled, but if I do, I plan on getting it done again the second I can.

This piercing makes me feel more like me (cheesy, but I don't give a damn), and I recommend that anyone who wants an amazing piercing should get it. Careful with DIY's, because if you go to shallow it can surface, but if you go too deep you can hit your tongue (there's blood vessels and nerves on the underside of your tongue, not in your tongue web). Make sure you clean it well, because plaque builds up easily on it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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