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tongue web, twice

After retiring all of my many piercings last year, I've wanted some metal in my mouth for a couple of months now. As i am sitting GCSE's at the moment, it's not really possible to get the facial ones which I very much want back.

After deciding on tongue web as it's hidden and in my opinion a very pretty, I looked around for places in my area which did it for a reasonable price.

My first place to check was 'Tigerlily' in Oxford town centre, as this is probably the safest bet with piercings, but I personally find the people in there to be a little cold, but nevermind! Their price for this was £25 and I had my heart set on getting it done there on Thursday, with my boyfriend, who was going to get his other side lip pierced, resulting in snakebites.

Me and my friend Beckie were meeting up on the Tuesday as we never seem to spend any alone time together. She's been talking about getting her tongue done for a few months, and was thinking of getting it done in the Summer, but as we were walking through Wallingford we noticed a barber shop 'Thames Salon' that also offered body piercing. Beckie confidently strode in and asked whether they did tongue piercings. They said yes, and Beckie automatically got a bit shy and nervous and said she'd think about it, we walked outside to take out some money, and she completely chickened out. One of her excuses was that she 'didn't have the money', so I said that i'd pay, and as she didn't want

to tell me that she was too nervous, she agreed. She got her tongue done, and was absolutely fine. So, after checking with my boyfriend that getting it done without him would be ok, I walked in, paid my money (£32 - but i thought it was worth it) and sat down to have it done. This was totally painless, and I apparently moved my tongue around a bit when he was putting the ball on, but everything seemed to be going fine. Me and Beckie loved the fact that we had got these piercings together, and they were our little secret, as my parents have said i can't get any of my old facial or oral ones back, but i am allowed my ear ones back, which is small consolation i suppose, and her parents are ridiculously straight edge, and if (WHEN - because her lisp is truly terrible) they find out, she will be grounded quite possibly FOREVER.

I was then driven home by her mum, and so that Beckie didn't get found out, I said we'd had a bet where neither of us could talk until we'd learned all our 'Titration Calculations' and that Beckie had not learned them yet!

3 days on and her mum is still oblivious!

After i got home and as I was talking to my sister, who had broken her wrist that morning, I felt the ball drop off in my mouth, so obviously I ran to my bathroom mirror and tried to put it back on, but it being so small and fiddly, this was impossible, the bar then fell out of the hole too, and to my horror, fell down the sink. I was totally devastated as i had really liked this piercing, I emailed Roy explaining what had happened, and he emailed back, saying to come back on Thursday and he'd do it again, free of charge (obviously).

So Thursday came, and I went in, and after waiting what seemed like an uncomfortable amount of time, he called me through to the room.

I sat on the little seat he uses, as he explained that maybe, as I'd moved my mouth around a lot he has slightly 'cross threaded' the ball. Although I didn't totally understand, I agreed, and opened my mouth again, expecting it to be an equally painless and quick experience.

The piercing was fine, although I felt it a lot more this time, but when he was trying to screw the ball on, he clamped my web and seemed to be pulling it. My mouth was open for at least 10 minutes, and there was so much saliva and it was so uncomfortable, but when he had put it on, I looked in the mirror and saw my lovely little bar again, and it made up for all of it.

I would recommend going to Roy in 'Thames Salon', because although there was a slight mistake first time around, he is very professional and quick, and is totally there for the aftercare, offering free jewellery change after 2 weeks etc. I would also recommend getting a tongue webbing piercing, as I got mine to mark a stage in my life, and it is totally a piercing just for me, and I love it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: roy
Studio: thames+salon
Location: wallingford

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