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My hot tongue piercing

Ok, so here goes. Ever since I was a kid, I've always been Into body modification. Whether it was a tattoo or piercing, I loved the idea of It. When I was a teen, I even bought a tongue ring and stuck it under my tongue, pretending it was real one.

So one day, I started thinking about a new piercing. I already had my navel pierced so I knew I wanted another one. At first I wanted my eyebrow done but everyone was telling me I was to pretty to mess up my face. And then It hit me, get my tongue pierced. Now all I had to do was convince my mom. Great.

So I went up to my mom and begged her to get my tongue pierced. All she kept saying was no, why do you want to put holes in your body? You know the whole speech parents do when their kid asks to get a piercing or tattoo. I refused to stop asking until one day she got so aggitated from me bugging her and finally gave In.

So about a week later, me and my best friend Jenry went down to the Village in NYC and went into Tattoo Heaven. I had gotten my navel done here so I was pretty content with the place. Plus it was very sterile. Something you should always look for in a tattoo place. Anyway, we went in. Jenry wanted his nipple pierced . The guy at the counter asked if we needed help and I told him I wanted to get my tongue pierced. He told me it would be 35. I kept begging Jenry to get it done with me. At first he didn't want to because he said so many things can go wrong with a tongue piercing. That wasn't helping my nervousness at all but I finally convinced him. we told the guy we both wanted to get our tongue's pierced and he said it would be 50 even. Not a bad deal. So we payed the guy, he copied our id's and we sat and waited. We were both gettibg nervous so we went outside to get some air. Jenry started backing out again. No lie, It took us about 15 minutes to decide if we were going to
get them done. jenry finally calmed his nerves and we went back In and waited. There was a lady getting her tattoo finshed up so we had to wait. She finally finished and the guy came to us and asked who was going first. Jenry got up and said me. So he went to the back and I watched in the doorway as he got It done. He didnt flinch at all which really calmed my nerves. He finished and it was my go. I went and sat in the chair. He gave me a cup of Listorine and i rinsed. He told me to stick out my tongue all the way. I did and he wiped it off with a paper towel. He told me to hold it under my chin in case of drooling I guess. He got the needle and told me to take a deep breath and let it out. I did and he poked it through. I did't even feel it! Nice. He put the bar in and tightend the balls on. I rinsed once more and went to go check it out in the mirror. I fell In love with it instantly. He told us how to take care of it and we left. We went to the coffee shop scross the stre et and got a cup of ice for the train ride home. before I went to bed that night, I took some Advil. I was very pleased with my new piercing.

The next 4 days would be hell. People werent lying when they said the week after sucks. My tongue didnt swell up as bad as I thought It would so that was good. I decided to eat toast. Bad idea. It took me almost an hour to eat one piece of toast. After 5 days, i was back to eating normal. I had a funny lisp for about a week which my boyfriend thought was hilarious. I used Biotene mouthwash after everything I ate and drank. That started to turn my tongue white so I switched over to H2ocean spray which worked a lot better. After a month, I went back to downsize the bar which felt a lot better as far as eating goes. I did miss the long bar because it was so fun to play with but that was ok. I even bought a pack of beads in case I want to change the colors of them.

All and all, I had a very good experience. I guess I was one of the fortunate one's that didnt get infected. So If your looking to get your tongue pierced, go for It. The after part sucks but It's totally worth It In the end. Happy piercing! :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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