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Center tongue - Day by day aftercare

DAY 1 Hell yeah, finally done! I wanted to get my tongue pierced for about two years from now! Well I just made it – like 11 hours ago. And even if, right now, it's not the most comfortable sensation I have felt in my life, I'm still pretty happy about it.

I went to Le Slick Styled Steel because they have a pretty good reputation. When my friend and I got there, I wasn't that nervous... I was decided! The shop was very clean and I felt comfortable of getting my piercing there. While we were looking at the tongue rings under the counter, a guy came out of the backroom to welcome us.
It took about 10 minutes for my questions to be answered (infection risks, the swelling, the aftercare, the cost, etc) and before I knew it, I was in a little closed room, sitting on a dentist-like chair rinsing my mouth while Cameron (That was the guy's name) was preparing his stuff.

I've read a bunch of stories on BME so I was expecting the way it was going to be. Cameron gave me a Kleenex (for the saliva , he said) and asked me to stuck out my tongue. I felt a little stupid with my little Kleenex and my tongue out – there were people in the boutique that was looking in the room trough the window (where my friend – scared of needles – couldn't bare on looking at me). He pointed the place where the ring will be, and then took the needle. It was over before I knew it... I knew that it was one of the most painless piercing – but I was still surprised of it. I felt something wet on my chin so I grab my Kleenex to wipe it out. I got a little scared to see that it wasn't saliva, but blood. Cameron told me not to worry about it and that some people may bleed more than others. Luckily, my friend didn't see it – she would have fainted.

Then Cameron gave me the aftercare advices and an information sheet about what I will need to know and do during the healing process. I paid and, after thanking him for everything, I left.

It's now about midnight (I did my piercing at about midday) and my tongue is a bit yellowish... It's supposed to be normal, so I try not to worry about it. I drank a lot of cold water and ate ice cubes all day. Rinsing with alcohol-free rinse helps with the swelling – this and Ibuprofen too.

Now I'm going to bed, hoping that this healing process will go well.

DAY 2 Geez, the swelling is a bitch! I woke up this morning with a double-size tongue. It didn't hurt though... just annoying. I rinse my mouth, and took a shower. My tongue was still Mrs. King Kong so I took a glass of very cold water and Ibuprofen. It helped. But I haven't been able to eat my stewed apple so I ate my traditional ice cubes...
The eating problem continued all day. I've try to eat mashed potatoes but I felt like it was going all under my tongue ring, through the hole, so I got scared a bit. I finally ended up with Ensure (food supplement) – suggest by a friend. It tastes like a milkshake but it's made with soy and proteins. It's really good and –well... liquid.

My tongue was still a bit yellow but it's normal. I've tried to stay quiet most of the day because it's supposed to accelerate the healing. God I just can't wait to have my tongue to its normal size and being able to eat an all-dressed pizza!

DAY 3 I woke up and felt really uncomfortable. Still swollen, my tongue did hurt a lot! Then follow the routine : Rinse, Ibuprofen, ice cubes. I kept on telling myself that all of this will be done in a week...

I took Ibuprofen every 4 hours, it helps for the pain. I was drinking a lot of icy water so I was always at the bathroom... Hahaha I only drank Ensure, there was no way I could eat something today. Now I'm going to bed early, hoping I will wake up in the end of the week.

DAY 6 My good mood came back... My tongue is still a bit swollen, but not as much as the first days. I've been able to eat a chicken noodles soup (with the vegetables and the noodles!) and it was like the best meal in the world. My tongue don't hurt that much, I'm just a bit tired of the extra saliva.

I get a little worried about the hole in my tongue. I feel like it's getting enlarged and that my barbell is getting loose. A friend told me that it was just the ring that was doing some kind of a nest in my tongue. Still, I don't like it.
I've look at it in the mirror for about 20 minutes - no there's no way the top ball of the ring could sink into my tongue – but, I'm still going to see at the piercing clinic tomorrow - just to be reassured. I know - I'm a bit pathetic...

DAY 10 I got my smaller barbell today! I can eat whatever I want and I'm so happy with my new piercing!!! The healing process sucks – for sure – but the results rocks so bad!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Cameron
Studio: Le+Slick+Styled+Steel
Location: Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue%2C+Qu%E9bec

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