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The Needle and Little Silver Ball

Making the decision to get my tongue pierced was not very difficult for me. I have known I wanted a tongue piercing since I was in my sophomore year in high school. A few of my friends have their own piercing's and play with them constantly (after the piercing was healed of course) and I would be jealous. I wanted my very own piercing. But sadly I'm not allowed to get my tongue pierced; my mom was strictly against it. Yesterday was my turning point.

Last year I bought nipple piercing's for my friend and I. It was my friend's birthday so I got them for her as a present. While we were cupping our breasts in pain and leaving the tattoo shop she told me that if I ever decided to get my tongue pierced (she knew of my obsession with tongue piercing's) she would pay for it as a thank you. I told her I would take her up on it when I decided. Then I drove home to curl in a ball for a while.

Recently we were drinking with a friend of ours and I came up with the spontaneous idea of going to get my piercing done the next day if she would pay. She of course agreed and slept over my house (my mom is gone for the week so we pretty much had the house to ourselves that night) so we could wake up early and go check out shops that I could get it done at. We fell asleep and woke around two the next afternoon. Needless to say we were a bit later in getting up than we had intended but we were champs and left the house right away. I was so excited. I would be getting my tongue pierced in a mere few minutes (or so I thought at the time).

I knew exactly where I wanted to go. There was a shop in Waikiki that I had gotten my nipple piercing changed for the first time and I loved their attitude about it. And the shop was very sterile and professional looking. It felt like it would be a safe place to get my piercing done. Sadly it was closed but I was determined so we went to another shop that I knew of which I felt safe with. We ran into another problem, it was a Monday and the piercer at that particular shop showed up on every day except for Mondays. Monday being the only day of the week they don't do piercing's. I was heartbroken. But I was set to get my piercing done that day not the next. So we decided to walk the strip since there is tattoo parlors pretty much every few couple of blocks.

My friends teased me by saying that it was fate or that my family was so against it that one of my ancestors was trying to stop me from getting my tongue pierced. We laughed about all the possibilities of our non-success and had a good time. Before we knew it we were in front of a tattoo parlor that had a piercer. I had never been to this shop but it looked sterile to me so I was pretty comfortable. We don't even have to wait. My friend paid and then I was following the piercer into the back and put into a room with cool pictures taped all over the wall. I was told to sit on this dentist chair looking thing and that was all it took for my nerves to hit. I suddenly had a really bad case of nerves so much so that I'm not so sure about my friend watching me get it done. But she ended up in the small room with the piercer and I anyway.

The piercer took out her supplies and pulled them all from separate bags. After she did that she gave me something to swish in my mouth and spit out. Then she used a sharpie to mark my tongue (she alcohol wiped it first) and told me to look in the mirror beside me to see if I liked where it was. When I looked at it I thought it was kind of far back. I said something about it but she didn't change it and said that she had seen a lot of customers get it farther back. I didn't do any research mind you so I had no idea and figured she knew what she was talking about. Then she clamped my tongue with the clamp and told me to relax and stick my tongue out as far as I could. I did what she said and then right when she told me to take a deep breath she dropped the needle down my dress. I kid you not. My friend helped to reach in and grab it to give it back to the piercer. Both my friend and the piercer were frantic; the piercer at dropping the needle down my dress and my friend at the fact that the piercer had dropped the needle. At the time I thought nothing of it and things proceeded when she had the needle back in her hand.

Again she told me to take deep breaths. Two this time and really deep ones. On the second release of air she stuck the needle through. It wasn't very painful at all, compared to my nipple piercing it was a mosquito bite. While she was putting the jewelry in there was a very slight pressure but not much to it, of course there wouldn't have been much to it if she hadn't also dropped the ball end of the piercing down my dress. The ball dropped all the way down to my thighs. Still I was very calm about it and lifted my dress to grab the ball and give to the piercer. Then we were done. I looked over into the mirror with my tongue still out and it was love at first sight. I was stoked.

Of course it was only after I stood up that the dizziness started to become apparent. While the piercer was explaining about how to care for my piercing I was getting tunnel vision. I didn't necessarily experience this when I got my nipple piercing done so I was a bit surprised. I was told to sit and rest for a bit (which I did before she could even say sit) and when I felt better to get a drink with lots of sugar. She said it would help so after a bit when I felt it might be safe to get up we went to the next shop over and got a coke from McDonalds. At the register I almost passed out and the workers were looking at me as if I was on crack. I was not feeling so good about my piercing any more. But after I drank my drink and put my head down for a bit I was able to feel well enough to start heading to the car.

My piercing was slightly swollen but I was able to talk pretty well when I tried really hard and by the time I was almost home I was singing out loud along to my Sweeney Todd soundtrack. Only now a day after has it swollen to the point that I can't talk with out a lisp. The cat is out of the bag and my mom knows (not very happy) but I am still very happy with my piercing. I had tofu, sliced ahi and ice cubes for lunch and I am feeling pretty good. I can't wait until it's healed. I think my only regret is having not researched a bit more. If I had I would have been able to have my piercing more towards the tip of my tongue but that is a small comparison to the happiness I feel about my piercing. I suggest to anyone thinking about getting one that you should go for it. It is done and over so fast that before you know it you are leaving the shop with your new piercing and in minimal pain. I would compare it to a muscle ache. Not bad at all. Go for it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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