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My Little Secret

It was February 8th 2008. My fiance and I were staying with a friend while her dad was on vacation and my birthday was coming up on the 12th. I had told my fiance that I wanted my tongue pierced for my 21st birthday so he said he would pay for it. But we were going to wait until I went on my Spring Break from college to do so but I couldn't wait that long XD.

So while my friend and I went out doing some errands and we got done early and I had the money on me so we went to Double Eagle Tattoo to ask some questions about the tongue piercing. The woman who was there was really nice and answered all of my questions and I decided to get it done. I was nervous as could be while I filled out the form and my friend just sat there talking to me trying to keep me calm. Skip was finishing a tattoo so I waited while he finished and set up for my piercing.

My friend and I walk in the back and I hopped on that chair nervous and very scared. I swished with this nasty, horrible, degrading stuff and it sort of numbed my lips and tongue. Skip wasn't kidding when he called the stuff "gasoline." So my friend sat in the chair and held my hand while Skip did the clamps, which weren't bad at all they were plastic, and got the needle ready. I closed my eyes and he stuck the needle through and nothing. I psyched myself up for nothing it didn't hurt and all I had was a small spot of blood.

I paid and tipped my piercer and then my friend and I went to the gas station so that she could get gas and that I could get some ice for any swelling. We went to see Meet The Spartans that day and I think all the laughing I did didn't help the swelling any. After that we went back to her house, where my fiance was sleeping, and I showed him and slurped down on my ice water. That night I had a bowl of tomato soup, drank lots of ice water, and took Advil.

The next day my swelling had gone down and I only took Advil when I had any discomfort and I was able to eat normally. Talking was a bit difficult but I could eat and talk to my dad so he wouldn't know the difference. I've had it for 3 months now and my dad hasn't seen it, as far as I know, and my boyfriend and I both love it. It was a really good experience and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. DON'T BABY IT!! Brush your teeth normally and rinse but don't brush and rinse after everything you do. I used Crest Pro-health non-alcoholic mouthwash diluted with water. NEVER use Sea Salt!! Ever hear the expression "Don't put salt in an open wound?" This applies to your new fresh piercing. It will burn and hurt and sting if you use it. I had to change my ring a week after I got it done because I was pierced with a 12 gauge and needed a smaller bar so I went to a 14 gauge.

For those of you who want this piercing and are debating it or doubting it-don't. If the pain scares you ask yourself this question- "Is less than 5 seconds of pain worth not getting an awesome piercing?" And if you are under the legal age of getting pierced without parental consent DO NOT go behind their backs. It'll only get you into trouble and they might make you take it out-why waste the money for a piercing that isn't going to last if your parents make you take it out?

This was one of the best experiences of my life and right now I don't really want anymore piercings but I do want more tattoos and if I do get another piercing it'll up in the air between nipples, snake bites, a labret, nose, or just a plain old lip ring.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions. I'll try and get back to you as soon as I possibly can but if I don't reply right away it's because I'm trying to get a job and get the rest of my life sorted out but I'll try to e-mail you back asap!

I do NOT regret getting this piercing and you shouldn't either. It looks great and it's super fun to stick your tongue out at people. I love the weird looks I get from people when I do that. Plus it's easily hidden so you don't have to worry about your employment or if you feel more comfortable put in a retainer until you can find a bar with a clear plastic bar top. I bit mine a lot so I have to have a bar and I can't use PTFE because I end up biting it in half and that's bad. I haven't swallowed any balls yet. Oh you must sleep elevated during the first few nights or else you might swallow your tongue while it's swollen.

Happy Piercing!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Skip
Studio: Double+Eagle+Tattoo
Location: New+Philadelphia%2C+Ohio

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