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hurt more than friggin expected

Kay so, After my seventh ear piercing (three in each earlobe, and one cartilage), I decided that I would not pierce my ears any longer. Like any teenage girl, I thought of getting my belly button done, or my nose, but upon ninth grade arrival, EVERYONE, (well, like 85% of people - the "rebels" or crowd followers)had their belly button or their nose. That's when I realized those two are out of the running.

One day, my friend brought up tongue piercings, she was joking, but I said "hm, that would be cool". Then I realized not many people had them (well, I had never met anyone with one), and for about two weeks I kept thinking about it more and more, and the thought of it just got better and better! So for about a week, I was telling my friend "I want it done, I want it done!" and so we went downtown to play out my dream.

New York, New York is the place where all the kids go for safe piercings, but they don't card you, and you don't need parent permission (sounds sketch, but everything there is sterilized and safe, and it's one of the best). So we walked in, and my friend said the lady that was there was different, not the usual piercer, but I didn't care and I told her what I want.

(On a side note - isn't it interesting how the pierce you BEFORE you pay?)

She sat me down, right beside the cash register, which was kind of awkward, because people kept walking in and looking, but I didn't mind, I REALLY wanted this done! I held my friends hand and the needle went through my tongue. Now, I've read stories on here of people who said it didn't hurt, no pain at all, I WAS IN THE MOST PAIN I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED. Saliva was waterfalling out of my mouth (and at first I thought it was blood, and i was trying to pull away, so, word of the wise - don't be paranoid) Then I thought she was done so I tried pulling away again but she had to screw the ball, and that was that. After it was just kind of numb.

For a week, it hurt A LOT (not as much as the actual piercing procedure, but a lot) I almost considered taking it out, but I knew that'd be a waste of money. So I beared with it.

After EXACTLY a week, the pain was totally gone, and my tongue felt fine and I was happy with it.

Things you SHOULDN'T do: Eat the day of your piercing - hurts immensely

Drink ANYTHING for an hour, people on the street of some festival were handing out free juice, and I was soo thirsty (I think it had been about fifteen minutes) And I got this sensation of the orange juice sliding through my tongue.

I would recommend going with a friend though, I was squeezing my friend's hand like crazy. And don't pull away until the piercer says it's done, I think I got lucky that my tongue wasn't uber swollen. It bled the tiniest little bit.

Also, every morning it hurt so much, but I don't think at any point in time the pain was too much for anyone to handle, but it DOES hurt a lot, so don't underestimate it.

It's not true that you can't talk, I had a bit of a lisp, but after five days my voice was normal again!

Eating is probably the most difficult task. In my first three days I magically managed to eat - a chicken sandwich from swiss chalet, pizza, and a veggie wrap, which to me was an incredible feat. But after the third day, I was used to eating and it didnt hurt as much to eat, but once or twice I chewed the top ball and I was in a GREAT amount of pain.

It's been a month now and I'm so happy with it. I changed the jewlry today to blue balls and a shorter bar, so the balls dont interfere with eating and don't click against my teeth anymore, so all is well.

So if a tongue ring really appeals to you, go for it, because if you're like me, I INCREDIBLY wanted it done, so it was worth the pain.

My mom knows about it, at first she wondered why I did it, but now she just asks me questions about it and finds it cool.

Girls at school make fun of me, because they think I did it to improve oral or whatever, but honestly, whoever gets a piercing for OTHER people, is an idiot, so if YOU want it done, don't take into consideration of what other people say!

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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