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Do you know those times in life when you do everything you aren't supposed to? The ones when you cut it really close and you're clinging to your ways out of nothing but stubbornness? Of course it all turns out alright in the end, but you know that you pushed your luck and the next time, well lets just say there isn't allowed to be a next time. This is my take on one of the aforementioned situations in my life. In no way do I highly recommend nor suggest any of the stupid choices that were made on my part when all of this was taking place. I would also appreciate it if no one sent hate mail or any messages stating my level of stupidity, if you've read the title I'm in no way denying that my choices were dumb.

I remember quite a bit about getting my second tongue piercing (by second I don't mean having it repierced in the same spot but rather an additional one further back). Like the fact that after having my first done I felt stupid and slightly regretted the whole thing. I'd told myself that if I had known absolutely everything about having a tongue piercing I would have never gotten it done. I hated the weird thickness around the bar during healing, the crater that it made where the bead sat, how it affected my speech, and worst of all I had felt like an overdramatic cliché. If a bubbly doll face wasn't jumping with joy and sticking out her tongue to show me her own piercing then someone was busy shaking their head and telling me how unoriginal I was. No one really got it, I didn't care if we had the same piercing or if it made me cool, hardcore, slutty, or whatever! My reason for getting pierced was quite simple; I like piercings, the way they feel, getting them done, the responsibility of taking care of them, and that they bring something different to each person. Having put up with my frustrations for about half a year I began to roll the idea of getting my tongue poked again around in my mind. The idea stuck and fall of 2006 I had my appointment booked.

It had been my friend Heather, my mother and I down in the village that warm afternoon. As usual back in those days my mother had been completely oblivious even as Heather and I scampered off on our own. I hadn't waited long or suspicion would have crept up on my mom and she would have come into the shop. This of course didn't happen and after filling out the appropriate forms and getting my license looked at I was making myself at home in the back room. BJ, ever so friendly and helpful as usual removed my existing tongue bar and made me swish around some alcohol free mouthwash. A bib was clipped onto the collar of my shirt and my tongue was dabbed dry with paper towel. Without my barbell in my mouth felt naked and the back of my mind filled with worries of my piercing closing and ending up with exactly what I had come in with- a single tongue piercing. This worry was never voiced as I trusted BJ wouldn't leave me in such a situation, and I waited patiently as he clamped me. I took comfort in the clamps, thinking of them as little guiding hands put in place to protect me from any mishaps. In reality although the clamps would guide the needle and make it easier to hit the target they wouldn't protect me from anything going wrong... I knew this well and as I said, I trusted my piercer. As usual I closed my eyes when BJ actually pierced me. He gave me a warning and before I knew it the procedure was done. Unlike the previous time when I felt absolutely nothing this time I felt a dull pinch to the underside of my tongue. I wouldn't say that it hurt, it wasn't pin point able or sharp in sensation but something similar to getting a popcorn husk stuck under your tongue, you know its there and you're aware of it but it isn't horrible or a 'real' pain. The barbell was put through with no problem, my bead was screwed on and what little blood I had bled was cleaned up. BJ put my original barbell back in, went over the cleaning and aftercare with me, handed me yet another aftercare booklet and then I hurried out to pay.

Upon leaving the shop my friend Heather and I met back up with my mom, looked around in a few more stores and then went for lunch. Out of all the places that we could have went we chose a pizza and pasta place that was just down the street. I knew before we even walked in that this was quite the foolish decision considering my fresh piercing and the fact that I was trying to hide it from my mother. Being the stubborn girl that I am I figured that I'd avoid seeming suspicious by ordering something I normally would have, this just happened to be chicken fingers with honey dill sauce and French fries (oh boy am I stupid). To top it off the glass of water that I had ordered didn't even have ice in it. I ate incredibly slow, shoving the French fries and bits of chicken fingers to either side and straight along my molars so that I didn't have to strain my tongue by moving the food around. This only slightly helped and quite quickly my tongue began to grow sore. I felt the sides of my tongue swell up and could tell that my tongue web was also highly irritated. The bruised throbbing made the underside of my chin feel swollen and I dreaded conversation. Eventually we made it through lunch and again we were off, this time to drop Heather off at her home and for myself to get ready for a party later that night.

Being the impressionable, easily influenced young woman that I am, I must admit that the party didn't go as planned. I tried to stick to my guns, I honestly did... but sometimes we choose to do things that we shouldn't. Having said this I should expand to say that the moment I walked into my friend's kitchen not only was I greeted by my friend the hostess, but also by my at that time, recent ex. I was nervous and couldn't help but curse myself over and over again because I knew that something would happen. I agreed to a smoke which turned into a drink then kissing and eventually I was convinced into crashing at my ex's place. If smoking and drinking hadn't irritated my tongue enough performing oral sex the same day that I was pierced most certainly did the trick. By 5am when I finally snuck out of his apartment I didn't have the energy to talk, my tongue was swollen, my webbing was swollen, my cheeks felt swollen but luckily weren't. The pain from the back of my tongue shot up into my ear and temples and down beneath my chin. It throbbed and ached and seemed to scream even when I returned home and crashed in my own bed.

This pain did not dissipate within the coming week, it carried out for the next few months in fact. I ended up in quite a bit more pain then I had ever been expecting and after quite some time realized that much of this pain could be associated with the small barbell through my tongue webbing. I hadn't thought of this when I had gone to get my second piercing done. My tongue barbell was too close to my tongue web which irritated it and caused it to swell, this of course irritated the piercing in my tongue web. Almost as soon as the realization struck me I begged my mother to take me down to Soul Survivors and have BJ take my tongue web piercing out. It took a while for him to get the barbell out since it was so small and the bead was on exceptionally tight, but even though removing it had irritated it more as soon as the jewelry was gone I felt better. For a month or so after that I had a few complications with the back bar being too short and the bottom bead getting stuck in my webbing, but I had the bar changed a few times by my piercer and eventually everything healed properly. From the time of the piercing to the full healing of it (even on and off to this day when it gets irritated), I rinsed my mouth with a salt water solution and made sure to eat lots of soft foods (although noodles are not recommended as they get stuck between the barbells), drank lots of liquids and meals with only mild spices. This helped calm the piercing whenever it got angry. I tried to suck on lots of ice as well but the sucking itself is quite hard on the tongue, as is ice cream despite its soothing and cooling effects (licking is also a pain in the butt). I stuck out

To this day I have both my tongue piercings intact. I'm currently at a 12gauge in the back although I frequently switch back and forth between it and 14gauge as I like to change the beads on occasion. My plans for my tongue are to stretch the second piercing to a 2gauge, however I'm not in any big rush to get there. I found out later that the horrible pain I had through my jaw and up into my ear and temple was most likely Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia as it has been linked to tongue piercings. I realize that I made the pain seem very bearable, however I assure you it was not and if I hadn't been so stubborn about it and tried to hide it I most certainly would have taken out the piercing or told my mother. It is not in my intention to 'frighten' any readers, but it should be known that there are side effects and everything isn't just all fun and games. Finally, it's in my greatest interest that this experience will be of assistance to those who plan on getting their tongue pierced. My decisions early on in the experience were not wise and I do not recommend that anyone follow my footsteps. Just because you get lucky once doesn't mean that will always be the case.

If you're in Winnipeg, Soul Survivors is a great place to go and I highly recommend BJ for any piercings, he is the only piercer that I swear by.

Until next time,



submitted by: Bondage-Kit-1
on: 29 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: BJ
Studio: SoulSurvivors
Location: Winnipeg%2C+Manitoba

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