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My tongue piercing

Okay so it all started with some kind of fascination for piercings, 2 week previously I'd got a lower labret piercings and fell in love with it, next I'd already decided on my tongue.

I went up a local studio, but this wasn't my best option – Careful, make sure you always use a reliable parlour and make sure your 100% happy. I chose this place as it was the only place that would do my piercings for me (as I was 14 at the time)

I went into the studio where I was asked tow rite details on a blank piece of paper, everything was telling me this wasn't a good place but I went against my gut instincts and went ahead with the piercer. I wasn't overly fond of him as he scared me, my friends waited outside while I sat alone in a cramped room.

I sat onto the table/chair (like the ones you get in hospitals) and I started to fidget and move uncomfortably, I was very very nervous as I'd heard of many rumours that can go wrong with the piercing. Make sure you do your research properly and check out every place local to you and don't settle for a crappy place. Also make sure you do your research into what piercing your getting as its important to know what to expect and how long it will take to heal etc

Make sure you fully understand how everything works and how it heels, any questions and ask your piercer, if they cant answer then they DO NOT know enough. I can stress this any more!! Its important to know your piercer as they are creating a hole in your body!

The piercer didn't do a lot for my nerves he just talked away about anything and nothing, make ludicrous comments on my tongue which unnerved me, he marked my tongue and prepared me by telling me what he was going to do, just before he was about to do it.

He clamped my tongue and reached for the needle, after a few minutes of discomfort the needle was through al be it a little wonky, my piercing isn't dead centre as it can't be because of the vain, nor is it dead straight because of the angle at which it was pierced how ever I didn't care at al. My brand new pink tongue bar went through my tongue and I left felling very happy although £35 out of pocket.

A few hours later, my tongue had swollen so much, I tried so hard not to speak or swallow as they were both very very painful. I found it difficult to eat living on a diet of ice cream for a fortnight, but it was healing slowly and surely,

I had a white liquid that came out of the hole every time I swallowed but it's just the liquid that's produced as a piercings heals. I had no lumps or anything around the wound where as most people suffer with these. After a week and a half my lisp had disappeared (sadly) and my tongue was healing, I want back after 2 and a half weeks to get my bar changed for a smaller one, as a large one is put in to accommodate for the swelling. After a few months I bought new bars after repeatedly swallowing the bar and balls out of my tongue. There are some great places to get some good quality cheap bars & balls. I found after it healed I was best with plastic balls until I learnt to stop biting it.

Still a year and a half on I've still got it in. and I still love it. Everyone compliments it, says it looks and feels nice ;) ha-ha.

But my advice is if you wish not to sound like a dolphin don't get it done, it can cause distractions but it's a fun, nice piercing to have and I certainly wouldn't change it at all.

The only other piece of advice I can really give is that choose a good decent place to have your piercings, make sure you are 110% comfortable with your piercer and the condition of the place. Make sure everything is sterilized and or clean out of a packet. Your piercer should make you feel totally relaxed and try to calm you down. My tongue was my 11th piercing and I was still very very nervous. Since then I've pierced my ear and my lip myself but I advice against this, make sure you get it done properly. I plan on getting another 4 piercings including a Tragus, Anti Tragus, Belly Button and a Vertical Labret. If you wish to ask any questions don't hesitate to email me any questions I don't bite honestly :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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