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My New Tongue Bar

My experience started out with a trip into Aberdeen, to meet my new girlfriend.  She had decided that she was going to go to Claire's Accessories to get the top of her ear pierced, my objection was that I know from general common sense that these kinds of places are not reputable piercers, and do not take much care in their work and a piercing gun can damage cartilage and cause ear collapse. 

So I decided to take her to a reputable piercer, and my usual idea is to go to Retro Rebels and have John Blake do the piercing, as he is one of the very respected piercers in Aberdeen, but my older brother for reason of pure routine went to Darryl's shop on King Street "Rapport Tattoo" I got directions from my brother and I eventually found the shop and we went in. 

The first problem was raised with my girlfriend only being 15, and with no parent she could not get a piercing at the shop, which was a big blow to her.  But then to not waste the day I decided I should get my long awaited Venoms done, but I only had £30 on me at the time so I decided to just get the one off centre piercing. It started as usual going over the paperwork,

verifying my age and then I was taken through to the piercing room. Darryl went on to tell me about how the piercing would be done, and as a possible act of nerves I asked how painful it would be compared to my other piercings, the most painful so far being my scaffold bars and nipples. He told me it would not be a problem at all and the main pain in it would come after the piercing.

He then did his regular procedure of setting up and cleaning of the general area, then he clamped and got me ready then told me to take a deep breath as he was away to pierce and then exhale at the end, I find this way is very comforting and relaxing and works every time.  After that he finished up and then told me about the cleaning and aftercare, and then he also told me the risk of playing with it too much, that it could rub against my gums and they would recede over time and cost me about £1000-£2000 to fix, which made me really feel safe and that he really did care, as my dentist had said after she saw my lip ring that they don't really care about you they just want your money.  After this I then proceeded to leave, although in my happy state of mind I had completely forgot to pay but luckily was stopped at the door and reminded, although he does say this happens quite a lot. 

So that was me finished with my new tongue piercing, and I was told to come back every few weeks for a check up and a change of bar to a shorter one and also told a helpful diet for the next week.  The next week was a bit hard to get through as I couldn't each anything other than soup, ice cream and yogurts.  It was hard to eat some of the foods, as they had solids bit in them and I really couldn't chew at all.  Later on in the week I attempted to eat some bread with butter on it, my plan was to eat at the opposite side of my mouth and at the very back.  It worked quite well, but could only be done in small amounts and took too long to really be any use so I just stayed with my soup and yogurts. 

On the next Friday I was taken along to Darryl's shop by my older bother and some of his friends who are quite well acquainted with Darryl.  I then went on to get my bar changed which was not a problem at all, my tongue still had a bit of white mucus built up on it as it is hard to clean due to the pain, so I suggest a soft bristled brush for your teeth.  I also had a small lump on the bottom hole, so I asked in curiosity and told just to use my toothbrush on it softly and keep a very strict cleaning schedule and it will subside, which it did.  I then came back a week and a half later and got changed again to a smaller bar each time only cost a small £5 for the new jewellery.    

I really enjoyed my time there and the experience reminded me of why I use this piercer and also John as well, as they are both very kind, helpful and really well mannered and treat you with a good deal of respect.


submitted by: IngusJinx
on: 09 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Daryll
Studio: Rapport+Tattoo
Location: Aberdeen

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