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Loving the tongue piercing

I got my tongue pierced about 6weeks ago, as a final act of teenage rebellion before I turned 20. I had been intrigued by tongue piercing's for a while, but hadn't actually seriously considered getting one myself. But when I started my new job two of my favourite people there both had them and encouraged me to get it done. So I did!

I did a lot of research, even asked my doctor just to make sure I wasn't going to bleed to death or something similar. He told me a horror story about some chick who got an infection and was stupid enough to let her tongue swell to like four times its normal size before she went to the doctor. Then assured me if I was sensible it was medically ok and sent me on my way. I found that reading others people's experiences really reassured me, as did watching videos of it being done on utube.

I looked around a lot, and found a few reputable places. But I ended up at Totally Pierced because they don't do a lot of extreme scarification which kinda scares me, and it's down the road from my favourite gallery which I took as a good sign. I called up like three times to check various things and the staff were always really kind and patient, talking me through the procedure etc.

So I eventually got up the courage and went to do it. I took my best friend and boyfriend for support, although when it came down to it they just teased me and I went in by myself. When I got there I had to fill out some paper work, and sooner than expected it was time. I was asked to pick out the jewellery I wanted. They only carry internally threaded barbells, which are supposed to be better, but I honestly haven't noticed any difference. Anyway, I chose a plain stainless steel one and was taken through.

My piercer put on some gloves, and organised his equipment, which all came out of sterile packaging. He then gave me a load of tissues and asked me to stick out my tongue. As much as you think you can control the spit, when your tongue is sticking out for that long you cant. He cleaned off my tongue with a wipe and then dried it. He used a marker to put a little green dot on my tongue. I had to go and check it in the mirror. Like I know what to look for. It looked too far forward, but it was in the centre so I trusted his judgement, as he was the professional.

I went and sat down again, and he put the clamp on. He then fussed with the needle for a little bit, then I saw he was ready so I shut my eyes and clenched my fists. I know a lot of these things say it doesn't hurt, but that isn't strictly true. It didn't hurt as such, but I could feel the needle going through. Then he put the bar through, and screwed on the bottom ball, which hurt a little bit. He took the clamp off and it was over. It was the weirdest and coolest feeling the first time I felt it in my mouth. And I looked in the mirror and it looked hot, so I was really happy. It started hurting about 2mins afterwards though - nothing terrible, just aching a little. I paid the man and went to buy some mouthwash – not the mint one.

I ate lots of slushies and ice that day – but don't suck ice, just let it melt on your tongue. If you suck it stresses the piercing. I was actually really lucky though; mine didn't swell up very much. I was able to eat that night by taking very small bites. It swelled up a little more over the next few days, but I could talk and eat without much trouble. The swelling went right down on day 5. I was really good with the aftercare for the first week, but after that I couldn't help playing with it. But I did a little too much and it started scarring weirdly so I stopped and it healed normally.

One of the things my friend told me that the piercer didn't was that its supposed to be pierced slightly crooked. I was really worried that he'd done it wrong, but that's how it's supposed to be, so that when you stick out your tongue its straight.

Also, you should dilute the mouthwash after a couple of days. If you keep using it full strength the piercing gets used to it, and as soon as your stop using it, it gets infected. After about 3days dilute it to about 60% mouthwash 40% water.

I love my tongue piercing so much. I've got that blonde 'good girl' look, so people don't expect you to have it. I've surprised several teachers and other people I work with which is hilarious. It's such a personal piercing, because people don't see it unless you show them. But just a warning, once people know about it the first thing they ask about is giving oral. It leads to some pretty funny conversations.

If anyone is thinking of doing this and not sure, I honestly say just do it. I love mine more than I can say – it's such a part of me now and I've only had it for 6 weeks. If you really don't like it, it heals over in a few hours. But I can't see why you'd want it to.


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on: 09 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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