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I look soo cute

Ever since grade seven, I wanted my tongue pierced. I wrote up a huge letter to my parents listing the reasons why they should let me, but they still said no. I've had a handful of jobs but just never had the extra money to put aside to get it done. But then last week, I got my tax return, and decided to use it to finally get my tongue pierced! I'm now seventeen, in grade twelve, so it's been a long time of wanting this, I was super stoked.

I got it done at Kreative Khaos, it's super clean and safe, the people there are really friendly, and I've had a previous piercing and tattoo done there already, so I trusted them. I set up an appointment for a Monday after school, which probably wasn't the smartest decision, I had my appointment originally on a Friday, but it was the Friday before the Marijuana March, and I know you're not supposed to drink or smoke anything for a week after. So the piercer sat me down, put a dot on my tongue and asked me to check it out. I ended up asking her to put it further back, that way it may be less likely to screw up my teeth, less likely for people to see it if I don't want them too, and I heard that the further back it is, the better it is for oral pleasure ;)

Everyone told me that it doesn't hurt getting it pierced, the week after just sucks. Well, they either lied, or it was just because mine was further back, because it hurt like hell. When she clamped it, that hurt more than the actual piercing itself. Because I wanted the piercing back further than normal, she had to clamp part of my web under my tongue as well. So she had my tongue &tongue web clamped and then pulled my tongue out, if you can imagine, that hurt quite a bit. The piercing itself, I'm not sure if it really hurt as much as I remember it or if it was just me being a baby about the pain from the clamp, but I remember feeling it go through the top, and heard a little 'pop' as it went through the bottom. She then put in the bar and screwed the ball on top, and that part hurt just as much as the piercing, but then it was over ! The piercer told me not to smoke or drink for a week after, no oral sex or open mouth kissing, all that stuff, and to rinse my mouth with salt water after everytime something went in my mouth. I asked her about dairy, because I've heard that you're not supposed to eat dairy while your tongue's healing, but she said dairy was fine.

It hurt a lot for about the hour after I had gotten it done, but after that, it was just sort of sore, and I went home and had some freezies. The next morning was the worst, my tongue took up my entire mouth, and hurt a lot. I ended up staying home from school, I took two ibuprofens every four hours, rinsed my mouth with salt water after everytime I ate, ate some more freezies, ice cream, and found that Kraft Dinner's really good if you just drop it into the back of your throat and swallow. I also had developed a lisp, which was pretty entertaining for a while. The second day wasn't as bad but the constant soreness and aching of my tongue made me constantly tired so I napped a lot, and I ended up being sick that day. Trying really hard to not puke is not a good feeling when your tongue already feels like hell.

I think it's important to make sure you have some soup on hand or something after you get your tongue pierced, because I found that I felt weak for the first two days after just going on freezies and ice cream and Kraft Dinner. I went to my boyfriend's house the third day and he made me eat some pieces of apple and banana by cutting them up into small pieces, and I just put them to the side of my mouth to chew and swallow them. It's the fourth day now, my tongue's still swollen, but not as much. I freaked out because my tongue started going a kind of green/brown colour at the back of my tongue and a bit around the piercing, but I looked it up online and all the info on the subject said it was just tongue cells shedding and because my tongue was swollen with a foreign object in it, it made it more pronounced and my tongue would go back to it's regular colour soon.

If you're looking to get your tongue pierced, I definitely recommend it. Mine hurt a lot to get done, and the healing process really sucks, not going to lie, but it's only a week. As long as you have some advil or tylenol, and suck on a lot of ice for the swelling, it's not that bad. After this week, I'm going to be able to talk normally, my tongue won't be in pain and I'm going to look so cute !


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Erin
Studio: Kreative+Khaos
Location: Burlington%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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