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Easy tongue piercing.

I've always admired people with tongue rings, but I suppose I never pictured myself with one. I knew eventually, I'd get one, but it was never on the top of my list. After some stretching of my ears[I'm up to 1/2], my helix, and a pretty big tattoo, I was ready for a 'real' piercing. Of course, like all stupid teenagers I've had some DIY piercings. Belly button, tongue web, and I even tried to pierce my tongue once. My belly got infected, the tongue didn't work, and the tongue web is another story. For awhile, I attempted talking my mother into an anti eyebrow.. but after awhile, I just realized it wasn't realistic. The scars would be bad, and I couldn't get it for a long time due to my life guarding class. I looked around BME for something... and then I realized.. my tongue. I started looking at different tongue rings.. and after a long time I finally convinced my mother. I began looking for a shop and I decided on a shop in Ithaca called Stiehls. My cousin went there, it's supposedly a great place. I even started ordering tongue rings before I even had a hole in my tongue! I'm getting my piercing in 3 days, and I plan on keeping a diary of everything going on here.

Today is monday, and I'm getting my tongue pierced on wednesday. I'm so excited. I guess I should explain WHY. I have something called Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I've had it my entire life, and I never knew that I wasn't normal. I live everyday in fear.. fear of everything, from reclining chairs, to ice. I have ALOT of panic attacks.. usually about 2 or 3 bad ones a week and little ones happen 6 or 7 times a day AND I'm on medicine. The reason I pierced my tongue web is to have something to distract me, because I have an oral fixation. It worked.. but with a bent barbell, it was hard to distract me.

Today is 4/15/08, and I can't believe it's tomorrow already. I'm trying to keep busy by reading stories.

Today is May.. 3rd? Possibly? Who knows. I got my tongue pierced on 4/15, and I suppose it was like every one elses experience.. I walked into the shop and was greeted, signed some forms and went off to the back. I sat on a bench while she prepared things. She changed her gloves SO many times, and the only thing that I saw that bothered me a bit was that there was a dog walking in and out of the piercing room. Its the shop dog, and I love animals, but for some reason having a dog in something that should be cleaner than a doctors office didn't seem correct. So, she marked it, had me look at it, went over after care and talked to me about sterile needles and non sterile needles. Finally, she clamped it. The clamps didn't hurt, but it was BEYOND enjoyable. They kind of felt like having pliers on my tongue. Then, I felt her rest the needle on my tongue and she said breath in, and out, and then she pierced it. It just felt like someone resting their finger tip on the top of my tongue, and then on the bottom. No pain at all. Since I have some family thing where we all pass out for nothing, I layed down, spit out alot of blood.. and then was good. I couldn't talk at all for about a half hour but got used to it. I had a horrible lisp for a few days, but was talking relatively normally in about a week. I've had my tongue ring for about 3 weeks now and sometimes it gets a little irritated from the acrylic I wear in it, but other than that I've had no problems. It swelled up alot more than I thought, but wasn't too bad.

I mainly ate pudding, and tons of popsicles. Everything hurt to eat, and swallowing pills was[and still is] very weird. The popsicles were really nice though, and it was funny making indents with them in my tongue ring. About 2 weeks after I got my tongue pierced I tried eating ice cream from a cone.. and it was pretty painful. The only other thing that really bothered me was when I would wake up in the morning and my tongue would be dry. That didn't hurt too bad, but wasn't great either.. when they tell you to not have alot of caffine, listen. I didn't. I ended up eating almost a whole package of caffine mints. Caffine doesn't, and never has, really effected me at all, so it didn't bother me much, until I woke up the next morning with blood surrounding my piercing. GROSS!

I had no complications, and would so do it again!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Dawn+Stiehl
Studio: Stiehl%27s
Location: Ithaca+NY

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