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Double tounge ring fun

For the longest time I have wanted my tongue pierced but I knew that my parents wouldn't let me. I'm not a complete stranger to piercings ( I have a standard and inverse belly button ring) so I was never afraid to go under the needle. Around January of last year I decided that I would finally get it done. I had it done by a friend of mine who has done many piercings because I knew that I would never be able to get my parents signature for my piercing. She's done her own piercings and many other friends of mine. I gave her the money and she bought a needle and a ring for me. We told my mother that I wanted to have a sleep over and thats when it happened. I was pretty nervous actually, not really because of the pain but because I didn't know what do expect afterwards because i knew swelling was a bitch. 

I brushed my teeth and my tongue and was totally stoked to get it done. I was sitting down on my bed and she told me to stick out my tongue I did and she dried it off and proceeded to stick it through. I didn't feel a thing, and the piercing was over in no time. I looked in the mirror  and i was totally happy. It was perfectly centered and looked great. I had an awful lisp for the next 3 weeks and swelling wasn't all that bad. I had a lot of saliva build up but in general I was cool! 

As time when on I started to get a bit bored with the one tongue piercing. I wanted something a little bit different, and even though not many people had tongue piercings in my school I wanted to separate myself from the rest. I didn't know what piercing I wanted next and I was sad because I really wanted something new. I also thought of stretching my tongue but it seemed like that would be to hard. I finally though Oh my gosh I can get a second tongue ring. I was kind of confused on whether I could get a second tongue ring or not because my tongue is quite short but I decided to try and get another one anyways. By this time in my life I had actually done a few piercings myself on my other friends and  though not an amazing piercer in any way I knew the basics.  So I went to a store that was owned by my friends uncle so basically I got great discounts. So I got a needle and a new barbell, the guy was awesome and he was so cool about the discount and helped me out a lot. He was pretty hilarious also, I drove home so excited about doing my new piercing and kind of nervous because I didn't want my parents figuring out about them. 

I was finally home and I was excited to just get the piercing over with. I of course brushed my teeth and my tongue, and rinsed my mouth out with mouth wash. I looked at my tongue and decided to put the new piercing a bit behind my first one because my first one was pretty far up. I looked under my tongue making sure that the piercing wouldn't be rubbing against my tongue web and I pushed it through. It was completely painless and I didn't even realize that it was all the way through. I pushed in my new big black barbell and changed the one in front to a very small silver one. I stuck out my tongue and they were perfectly aligned!!!! I was very happy and I was excited to show my new piercing to my friends because I knew that they would think it was awesome.  

The aftercare was pretty easy, all I did was use half mouthwash half water, and after I had it in for about a week I took off my top and bottom barbell separately to clean around it. I had to take out my first barbell for a little while because the swelling was uncomfortable and the balls were rubbing together. At first I had to take out my first tongue ring and just leave the other one in alone because it really hurt. I was scared that it was always going to be this way but it finally went down and it was comfortable. Then i thought that i wouldn't be able to stick my tongue out all the way and I finally figured out that i could.  The most that I had was lymph and it wasn't even that much. It didn't get infected or irritated at all. In the end I'm very satisfied with both of my piercings and intend on splitting my tongue eventually. But that's a different story. In conclusion don't ever pierce your tongue by yourself, get it done professionally.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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