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Venom Piercings

First thing is first, I was absolutely terrified of getting these piercings! The sides of the tongue are made from quite thick muscles and has the lingual nerves each side, whereas the centre part is made from thinner muscle - I was preparing for some serious pain here, whether I needed to or not.
Cold Steel was the studio that Samppa - madmax wanted to work from so that's where these were done. This was fine, apart from Coz (who works at Cold Steel) saying, rather loudly, how much he hated piercing venoms which he had to do on someone else soon. Because that is really not how to make someone feel at ease is it! Though we were booked in for about 3pm, Tamsin and I were seen a fair bit later than that, maybe around 4.30pm as we had to wait for the autoclave to start and then finish.

I had previously been told by another piercer (at Harlow Piercing Studio in Essex) that it would be impossible for me to get a tongue piercing because my veins were in the way and my frenum was too far forward, which Samppa confirmed was not true in the least. The venoms would have to be done at a slight angle, like a lot of tongue piercings, but apart from that I have a perfectly normal tongue! It's definately worth getting a second opinion from someone more experienced if you're told you have veins in the way.

Along for the ride, and to get the subdermal implants done on her right hand, was Tamsin - angelicfruitcake who kindly held my hand through both the piercings, although that wasn't really optional!
Marking up took about 5 minutes, this was probably the most irritating part of these piercings for Samppa as I seem to have little or no control over how much my tongue wiggles. The first markings were the perfect distance apart, but I wanted them a bit further back so that was changed pretty quickly. As far as I can remember I was swearing like a trooper, which is a nervous thing for me, after the markings were done while some more preparation was being sorted, taking the "It won't hurt" with a pinch of salt (He lied).

So, skipping forward to the clamping, most people say this is the worst part of tongue piercings but I wasn't particularly fussed about these, it was the drying my tongue that I had hated the most. I held Tamsin's hand pretty tight at this point, but being just careful enough to leave her with some movement for later in life when she might actually need it.
The first piercing was better than the right, although to me it felt like the needle was being pushed in pretty slowly for both of them, this was either all imagined by me or Samppa was doing it this way to avoid my veins. I had to get up and have a look in the mirror before the second piercing as I really wanted to see how it looked, which made the pain so worth it! I can't say I was looking forward to having the second one done at this point, but the first looked so good I wasn't about to back out. Besides, I wouldn't by symetrical then. Overall it felt like a very sharp, slow pain that really wasn't very pleasant! I remember one part vividly, where one of the long bars went between my lip and teeth so it clinked on my labret, which for some reason felt really horrible. Two very disappointing spits of blood and a wipe around my mouth later they were done! I'd get them done again if for some reason they had to be removed, but they were by far my most painful piercing to date compared to other piercings I have or used to have: Scaffold, medusa, lobes, labret, microdermals and nape.

The healing process... Taking arnica tablets to suck on for a while, as advised, seem to help as I didn't find the days following as bad as I had expected them to. The day after initially was very sore and pretty uncomfortable, but from the second day on it was just sticking to liquid food and sucking on as much ice as I could lay my hands on that helped. On the 6th day I was eating again as normal, still with a lisp that went pretty soon after that although it still comes and goes every so often.

These were done on the 19th February and it is now the 29th April. I have no problems with them whatsoever. However, I still have to get them downsized when I have the time, leaving the long bars in could do some damage due to movement if I leave them in for much longer but for now they are more than fine.
Samppa did a great job and I can't recommend him enough! :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Samppa
Studio: Cold+Steel
Location: Camden

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