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Terrified Of Tongue Piercing?

Ok so here it goes!

As a reasonably open-minded young(ish) woman, I had wanted to have my tongue pierced for a very long time. At that point (around 5 years ago) I'd had my earlobes done twice, the cartilage in my left ear done twice and my left nostril(with a piercing gun - oh horror of horrors!).

However when it came to right down to having my tongue done I was one of those 'Oh my God! that must be horrifically painful so I'll just dream of having it done and never ever venture into a studio' kinda gals!

Lots of people had tried to scare me off with stories of paralysis or haemorraging.

It took me a whole 5 years and my best friend trying to reassure me that it wasn't nearly as bad as you anticipate and constantly saying "Don't whinge! If you want it done, just go for it!"

I have to say, she was completely on the money there!

So, after all this time, I decided I'd have it done and dragged her along to the studio with me (or more like her marching me!)

I chose Ink Demons because I knew the staff because I'd had two tattoos done there before, which were done with excellence!

When we got in there and I spoke to the piercer, Ronnie, he could tell I was petrified and I explained that it was something I really wanted done but was just so scared of the pain element not to mention all the scare stories.

He sat and broke down the fact from myth for me and explained the process and procedure to me very calmly and his calmness seemed to rub off on me. Seeing the VERY clean room in the studio also put me at ease and I decided to go for it. We chose the barbell and went through to the room where it was to be done.

I sat down in the dentist-like chair and with my palms sweating profusely, Ronnie asked me to take a couple of deep breaths and my friend winked at me, I was ready!

I closed my eyes, poked out my tongue, which had to be coaxed out a little further!.

At one point I remember asking about the strength of the tongue's reflex against the strength of him holding onto the clamps and he assured me that there was no way my reflex would beat him!.

He cleaned and marked the area with a dot and placed the clamps, at this point I remember making some very odd noises - like a scared puppy - and I heard him saying "What's the noises for? I'm screwing on the top ball!"

I was blown away that I hadn't felt anything but the pressure from the clamps! I felt a bit shaky, adrenaline I guess and he asked me to rinse out my mouth a few times and spit in the sink.

There was the tiniest amount of blood - then the moment of truth....looking at my new addition in the mirror - It looked just beautiful!

My friend congratulated me on my 'bravery' and Ronnie explained all about the aftercare.

We paid and left and I felt just fabulous and wondered why the hell I hadn't done this long before now!?

Of course for the first few days my tongue felt like a giant anaconda invading my mouth, it was so swollen, but crushed ice and ibuprofen took care of that and I barely felt any pain with it. The biggest difficulty I had was learning how to eat certain foods and getting rid of my newly acquired lisp.

But after two weeks I went back and got my bar downsized - it felt wonderful, like there was nothing in my mouth! I had no problems with the healing process and have only bit down on the ball once but not too hard so it wasn't a major problem.

Ronnie's placement of the bar is amazing too, it's just far enough back to avoid rubbing against my gums or tongue web so it doesn't irritate me at all.

In fact now my only worry is which of my lovely new bars to choose to wear each time I want to change!.

If you want to go for this piercing and are worried about pain, don't be! As a complete wimp, I can assure you that you're perception of what it will feel like is nothing like the reality!

As for the myths that people will always try to scare you with - Check out your local studio, any artist worth their salt will be happy to give you the breakdown on actual facts and you can make an informed choice from there!

I went back three days ago to see Ronnie....and got my eyebrow pierced - too soon for a story, but I love it already and am hoping it won't reject (a common problem with surface piercings apparently)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Ronnie
Studio: Ink+Demons
Location: Dundee

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