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My tongue web

I'm not huge on bod mods for myself, but I've always had a thing for them. I have 2 cartilage piercings, lobes, seconds and one tattoo, relevantly average. I'm a huge tattoo/piercing research freak, and recently I've had my eye on the tongue web. There's just something really sexy and appealing about it, and for a good couple of days last week I kept finding myself googling tongue webs. I've always wanted to get something unusual pierced, but could never think of something I could picture myself with, but the tongue web seemed perfect.

So after it had been bothering me for a couple of days, I took a survey with my friends on what they thought about it. About 95% of them made a really weird face and told me not to get it. They said it sounded disgusting, tongue piercings were okay, but this wasn't, but I was determined.

I decided to take trip down to Xtremities, a tattoo/piercing parlour that's well known in Mississauga, not planning on getting anything but just there as moral support for my friend who was getting her genitalia pierced.

After she got hers, she looked at me and asked me if I was going to go through with mine. I said no, I wasn't sure if I was ready yet and am not one who usually takes abrupt decisions. The piercer who had pierced my friend overheard and started telling me about the piercing. He clarified many things for me that I had heard mixed answers on. He said it was relatively painless and that most people don't even feel it, and that it's the clamp that actually hurts a bit. He also added that the aftercare would be easy to follow.

Without a moment's deliberation, I jumped in the chair, anxious yet excited about my 'spur of the moment' decision. He said it would be best if I closed my eyes during the piercing [which actually did help]. He marked the spot, and within seconds put the clamp on. He asked whether the clamp hurt or not, it didn't, just a mild discomfort but not pain. Before I knew it the needle went in and the piercing was done. I had heard mixed things from people, that it would hurt and that it didn't hurt at all, and it truly didn't. I'd expect my lobes to hurt to than this piercing. It was quick and pretty painless. The only irritating bit was him fishing around my mouth trying to get the balls on, which I could imagine was difficult. After a few seconds of that, I was done. I hopped out of the chair and admired my new piercing. It was much smaller than I expected, but I was very satisfied. I paid the $50 and left the parlour, trying to get used the the two small bumps under my tongue. I guess I'm used to weird things being in my mouth due to having braces previously.

For the next few days, the gums around the piercing were a little swollen, but it was less painful than my cartilage piercing, which I didn't expect. The aftercare wasn't hard to follow, don't drink beer/smoke for the first week/2. Rinse with Listerine after every meal. The swelling did scare me quite a bit, though I knew it was expected, I was scared that there would be no more room to for it to swell because the the bar is short as it is. That didn't end up happening, just part of my paranoia.

Now that I actually have the piercing, my friends have a completely new outlook on it. Most of them changed their opinion and think it's pretty decent now. The best part is every time I flash it someone, the reaction is hilarious. Just jaws dropping. A lot of people hasn't even heard of this piercing and kept asking to look at it.

I would recommend this piercing to anyone. It's quick and painless and the aftercare isn't hard to follow at all. I had read a few people stating that it effects your speaking. For me it didn't at all, I can speak just fine I wanted to get something, just for me, that I could chose to show someone if I wanted. My parents don't know about this piercing [or my tattoo for that matter], they're very strict about these things, and don't appreciate anything piercings other than lobes, forget about tattoos. It's easy to hide, and is practically undetectable when you talk. I plan on going back when the swelling is completely gone to change the balls to a bigger size and different colour. I love this piercing so much and is now my favourite piercing. Thanks for reading!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Don%27t+remember+his+name
Studio: xtremities
Location: Mississauga%2C+ON

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