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My First Oral Piercing

It has become pretty popular for people to get their tongues pierced. When I first saw this when I was younger I wasn't really interested in getting it done. I thought it was a bit trashy so I decided it was a piercing that I just wasn't up for. I tend to be a bit girly and I just thought any piercing on my face would seem a bit extreme. But as I came to be about 16 I started becoming obsessed with body mods. I decided that screw it, I may be girly but with the personality I had I could carry off body mods and not look to trashy.

I had only had my ears and belly button pierced by the time I turned 17 and that was not enough. So against my mothers best interest I started my mods. Being such a girly girl and going ahead with this has been weird. People look at me like "what YOU want to mod?!" So by the time I was 18 I had 2 tattoos and six piercings. Then I went a little crazy. Up to a month ago I had five tattoos and 8 piercings and finally decided I wanted my tongue done.

By the way getting piercings scares me. I would rather get tattooed all day long then get a needle through my flesh. So I took my friend Christina with me. I go to the same guy for all my tattoos and piercings so I was at least at ease knowing who was doing it. I walked in and stopped to chat with the counter guy who I know well, he told me about his tongue piercing and i was put more at ease. I filled out my paper work and sat down to wait on scott.

He was in the middle of a tat when I came in so he seemed slightly rushed when It was time for my tongue piercing. He sat me down and marked two spots on my tongue for me to pick between, I picked one that was slightly farther back. And then it was time. I gargled with anti bacterial mouth wash, scot assured me that was the worst part. Then I sat down and held my friends hand, maybe a bit to tightly. He pulled out what looked like tongs to clamp my tongue with, that hurt a bit but not to badly. He told me to breath in and then said on three to breath out. 1 ... 2 ... 3 and I let my air out and felt nothing ... I wondered if he even put it through. But he had, so he asked me to hold the clamp while he followed the needle through my tongue with the jewelry. He then told me to pull my tongue back in my mouth.

It was so weird! I felt like I couldn't talk or swallow or anything. I left and started driving home, I couldn't get use to it. I couldn't lick my lips or smile or talk or swallow. I got home and ate lots of ice and mash potatoes. I went to sleep and woke up the next day and my tongue was HUGE. I was miserable, I could barely eat. I am a waitress and I felt so stupid talking to people with the horrible lisp I had. This went on for a week and I started to worry that it would never get better. I contacted my piercer who said everything was normal, he was extremely helpful.

My tongue ended up being swollen for two weeks, a bit longer then most other people but I am also a slow healer in general, with all my piercing and tattoos i took over expected healing time. But finally it was better and I could talk normal again. I went out and bought new bars for my tongue, but now I usually just wear my bright pink one to match my attitude and girly side. But I, like some people feel more comfortable wearing a longer bar, like the one that they pierce it with, but thats just what im into. Different people like different things. If your worried about getting your tongue pierced Im here to tell you not to be, getting the piercing itself done is painless. Its the healing process that is the worst. But if you listen to what the piercer tells you, you should be fine. I recommend try to get like three days in a row off of work, especially if you talking to people. Drink lots of water to keep your mouth from getting dry also, that was something I wish I would have done. And even better, stick your tongue out at old people, their faces are priceless. I guess im just trying to say that if your thinking about getting this done then DO IT!! Its so worth it.


submitted by: xxJessxxKillsxx
on: 24 April 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Brice+Scott
Studio: LaRox
Location: Akron%2C+Ohio

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