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Bad frickin idea.

Alright here goes.

I wasn't originally gonna write about this, but I thought it was pretty valid so this is it.

A year and a few days ago, I decided I really wanted a piercing. I've always, since I was small had interest in body modification, long before I even referred to it as such. It just came natural to me.

I had started hanging out with more people with similar interests. They opened up my eyes to it and made me a helluva lot more accepting. I really wanted a mod and even more so I wanted an IAM account, cuz all my friends had one. Stupid me, I jumped right on that, so instead of waiting until I could do it, or just saving up a bit of money and getting it done myself, I hastily got the first piercing I could.

Now, my sister had pierced herself many times already (you can already see this is going in a bad direction.) She had pierced and stretched her lobes, self pierced her lip, septum, and god knows what else. Also, she was 13. This keeps getting better, doesn't it. So she comes up to me and shows me she pierced her tongue web. Automatically my genius kicks in and I think "Hey! Maybe she can pierce mine!!" So I ask her.

She immediately jumps at the opportunity and sets herself up, a used pair of gloves...a thick embroidery needle she stole from her grandmother and some Orajel. The only piece of jewelry she had was her industrial bar she had just removed from her ear. I know what you're thinking, "At least it was sanitary." Am I right?

So she freezes my mouth with the Orajel, now I don't know if you've ever experienced this, but Orajel burns like shit. So now I'm fucking drooling like I've just been lobotomized and she gets out her needle. Oh did I mention she did her own with the same needle, it's okay though, we wiped it down with alcohol first. So everything was peachy keen. She lined up the needle and pierced. If you know anything about any kind of sewing needles, you know that they are not hollow. If you know anything about the flesh inside your mouth, it closes up fairly fast and its hard to see a hole. So first shot.....we lost the hole. Which fucking sucked hardcore. Silly me, instead of taking it as a sign I was doing something fucking stupid, I get her to repierce it somewhere else. So she does it, and this time manages to get the jewelry in.

Like I said before, it was an industrial bar, so it was about an inch and a half long with big fucking balls on it. Also, I couldn't tell my dad, keep that in mind. That night was a family night, we had a turkey dinner. It's fucking hard to eat with an industrial bar through your web. Every time my tongue moved forward, the balls would hook onto my molars and when I'd pull back, it would pull on the fresh wound. Feels good, right?

I went to bed, and woke up at about 3am in immense fucking pain. I couldn't believe it, it felt like hell had taken a vacation to my mouth for a night. I ran to my mirror and tried to take it out, but the balls were so fucking tight and covered with saliva. After about ten minutes of playing with it, I decided....that was not helping at all. So I washed my mouth out with Listerine (any piercer or anyone who hates stupid shit like this must hate me right now, I should just top this off with drinking a big class of milk.) I didn't do that, not because I knew better, just because...well...I didn't want one. So I got back to sleep and felt better. Breakfast was just as herendous as dinner was the night before. Finally, I got a CBR for it. The only problem with it was, it was fucking huuuge. I sounded like I had some kind of speech impediment once I finally got it in. At least I could eat properly now.

I saw some friends, friends who have already made their younger modification mistakes and learned. Friends who decided to take advantage on my small knowledge of piercings and my stupidity. I had little white things around the holes (lymph) and showed them. They decided to tell me that was an infection and I could lose my tongue. See, I freaked out, until I consulted a professional piercer who said it was normal. Thank bejeesus. There was a problem with it though. It was obscenely shallow.

I figured it was going to reject, but I thought I knew better and tried to put new, smaller jewelry in. I tried a barbell, couldn't do it. For some reason, I thought it'd be easier to but a cbr in. Yeah, turns out it's not. I eventually gave up, I had my pictures.

I had it for two days and my goal was just to get an IAM account. Anyone actually reading this nonsense, don't ever get a piercing because you're impatient, because this is what usually happens. I am really lucky I didn't get infected or worse. Don't let a 13 year old pierce you, another valuable lesson I learned first hand. I was slightly younger, a lot more impatient and a lot stupider. If you're gonna get pierced, do it professionally, and god forbid you decide to do a piercing on yourself, do the research, don't use fucking Orajel and shit like that.

That's all I have to say about that.


submitted by: sam gideon
on: 24 April 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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