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A year passed and I still love it!

Everyone always asks about my tongue piercing. And when I give people answers, I always think about how vague my discussions with other pierced people were. I give in-depth discussion about my experience to friends and other viewers and I think since It's been a year with my lovely little tongue-ring, it's time to engage a discussion with the public.

First thing is – if you want one – make sure you can handle the situation with a little bit of research – then get up, walk out the door, and DO IT. It's that simple. I was 17, and in Pennsylvania the law states for any type of piercing you must be with a parent if you're under 18. Lucky for me, my mom had scheduled her tattoo to be covered and let me know to meet up with her so I could get the piercing I'd wanted since I was 12 years old.

The Inkwell is clean, five minutes from my home, and absolutely awesome. The piercer, Tom, was the friendliest guy I'd ever met; relaxed, wise, and very generous. I let him know I was a returning piercer and he gave me 20% off right away. I had previously gone to get my labret pierced when I was 14. (Thanks mom!)

I sat down; Tom took a look at my tongue to make sure it was pierce-able, which it was, obviously. At the Ink Well as they set up they run through the procedure, let you know they're using a brand new needle, get the cork out and all that good stuff. You mouthwash, they dot you with a sharpie marker, and you take a look to finalize the piercing placement. Then it's time to relax and sit in the chair. Tom put on his gloves, all the while talking very calmly, answering my questions, understanding my nervousness (I couldn't stop shaking my legs), and getting closer and closer to my mouth.

Before I knew it I was face to face with the guy, the clamps in his hand and my tongue sticking out. I was drooling a tad and my heart was coming out of my chest, seriously. I was so nervous but the easiest thing for me to do is suck it up and go with it because the sooner he was done, the sooner I was too.

He told me to relax and whenever I was ready to stick my tongue out. I didn't skip a beat and then there they were. Clamps on my tongue needle in hand.

I was very quick before to ask whether he went top to bottom or bottom to top, and when I heard the news - top to bottom - I got a little squeamish because I've seen and heard about more bottom to top procedures then the latter.

Tom held my tongue with the clamps, making sure both bottom and top were aligned perfectly and then he counted for me (I request counting to from one to three for every piercing).

The next few things all happened in record timing and wonderful fashion.

I felt a pop and slight pressure. I opened my eyes and Tom's forehead was wrinkled in effort. Obviously the tongue is a muscle, and not so easy to pierce through. When I realized it wasn't over, I shut my eyes again and instantly felt the second pop through the lower part of my tongue. It was glorious. I love the feeling of a finished piercing.

The jewelry was quickly replaced by the hollow needle and cork and I was able to stick my tongue back in my mouth. This was the weirdest part. I imagined a bar sticking straight up inside my mouth, but it does not. Instead the bar tilts back and rests along my tongue. It's rather comfortable. I also felt as though I was going to swallow the ball, and I was in no way trying to play with it.

After I paid I ran to my boyfriends and we went to the quick-store near me and grabbed a slurpee drink. Tom said that I'd get very swollen and that cold drinks would go down easily and they help out. He also suggested no smoking, and if I did smoke to mouth wash right away with a three part water and 1 part mouth wash solution. I also kept very quiet for a few days to allow the muscle to heal as quickly as possible. It only took two annoying and excruciating weeks to heal and then I was home free.

It's a year past and I love my tongue piercing. It's fun, I can play with it, start conversations about it, and it has its bedroom abilities as well. I suggest looking it up, getting the facts, and once you decide it's the piercing for you, not to hesitate. There is little pain, a slight healing process, and they look awesome! I also suggest getting smaller balls so they don't hit your teeth as much, and don't wear acrylic if you're going to drink alcohol because the drinking will breakdown the jewelry. But other than that have fun show it off and feel bad ass because tongue piercings take guts and look HOTT!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Tom
Studio: The+Ink+Well
Location: Southampton%2C+PA

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