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The awesomeness

My (JUST underage) tongue piercing experience has been amazing: it is a tale of pain, perfection, and insanity, starting with my discovery of the piercing place called "Golden Body Rings:" the only place I could find that would do an oral piercing for someone under 18 (I am 17 btw, not.. 10). I have only ever done my earlobes before, but this was the only other piercing I really wanted (more subtly sexy than bellybutton ring, sort of a dirty little secret piercing). The only iffy thing was the piercer guy, who I'd heard was kind of a creep... but talking 2 him over the phone 2 make the appointment, he didn't sound insane, he just had... character. So I went ahead and made the appointment for 7:00pm that very day, and spent the remaining hours of it jumping up and down in a state of semi-psychotic nervous excitement.

I brushed my teeth at 6:30, getting ready to go. When I set out, I felt surprisingly calm. I had spent so much time watching videos of people getting their tongues pierced and reading about it that I felt like I knew all there was to know, and was ready for anything.

I got to the little studio, waited briefly outside after ringing the doorbell (which gave me time to read the sign on the door, which was a printout that defined the word "patience"), and greeted the guy who showed up on the other side of the glass. We said some casual things; he gave me a sheet of aftercare instructions, and went to "sharpen the needle." Ha, ha, ha. I did actually appreciate the humor but of course nothing was calming me down at that point.

ESPECIALLY as, while I was waiting for him to return from the back room where I suspect he was hiding the needle from plain sight (I certainly didn't see it when I went to lie down), I got a chance to look in the glass cases that lined the walls... one of which contained a stuffed possum head. He even favored me with the story of finding the dead animal, bringing it inside where he evidently beheaded it, and stuffed it. Himself. I'm thinking, how the fuck do I know for sure if you boiled your hands in a vat of antiseptic after touching that dead rodent??? I wasn't there!!! Also the room had a strong smell of.. well, pot. Which was not particularly encouraging.

But I didn't back out, since my all 3 of my friends sisters had gone to him for their piercings without incident (i.e., contracting the plague virus).

He told me to follow him down a couple steps to a dark place w/a sink where I rinsed my mouth with predictably gross-tasting yellow mouthwash. It had the same sort of effect as Listerine, but maybe a little stronger...

He brought me into a brightly lit little room and told me to sit and stick out my tongue, which he marked with dark purple ink. He turned away to get the other equipment and I asked if I could see the mark. He said sure. I got up to look- it was perfect, so I sat back down. He said to lie down, which I did, gripping the instructions paper increasingly tightly as he bent over me with the clamps, saying.. something about clamps, who knows. I think I shut my eyes, and felt the pinch of the clamps on my tongue.. the inner monologue was going, "ok, this is uncomfortable, but he's just doing it to sort of numb up the area..." and then I assume he brought out the needle (I didn't look at it) and I felt the pain get sharper. I went "oww" and squeezed my hand to distract myself.. he got it through my tongue which felt (briefly) as weird as it sounds, but once it was over it was over.. then he took off the clamp (aaaah, nice) and screwed in the jewelry (ok ok almost over) and then I got to put my tongue back in my mouth (easy) and I was like, woah... I did it!!

I freaked out for a minute because it felt like it had gone to the side, and I asked him accusingly "is it centered??" which as it turned out it was.. perfectly... it just looked like it was to the side at first because my tongue hadn't swollen up at all and the barbell was so long that it was just resting like that for the moment.

After looking at it in the mirror for a second and unwittingly touching my tongue with a finger (at which point he barked "don't touch it!!"...OK, OK), I went back into the very adjacent reception room, where I paid him the money I had with me. The cost of the piercing, the barbell and the soon to be inserted somewhat shorter replacement barbell was $65, but I think I gave him about $80. He tried to give me the change but I told him it was a tip, and he goes "you're giving me a TIP?" and I nodded. I don't know how these things are supposed to work.... w/e.

I left extremely satisfied, and ducked into some fast food place for a moment to ask awkwardly for a cup of chipped ice.. which they didn't have, but they did give me a cup of ice cubes. I gently sucked on those for a bit, which was actually quite nice and soothing, and left. Haha. When I got back to the car I checked it in the mirror, and it was perfectly centered, and really hadn't swollen up much at all (and hadn't bled AT ALL, which was a) lucky and b) a good sign that he hadn't punctured some kind of major vein, woohoo). It looked amazing, and I could hardly believe I had gone through with it and that the piercing part was over. I tested my new pierced tongue by sticking it out at the couple crossing the crosswalk in front of me, and was thrilled that it was finally mine.

Afterwards, the worst it got for me was feeling like I had bit my tongue a little while ago, and it was slightly sore. I only felt a sharper pain once or twice, momentarily, when I said something that knocked it the wrong way, but it just went right back into a comfortable place all by itself, pretty much instantly, and resumed healing.

When I woke up the next day, I felt it right away and it was all I could think about, I had to get up and look and of course it was still just right.. good placement, not at the tip but not too far back either, and not even too swollen up (I took anti-inflammatory meds before I went to bed, which may have helped with that). I've been drinking things.. I'm pretty sure I could eat without too much difficulty, but I'm being really careful and I don't want to risk it just yet (day after I got it done). I rinse w/diluted Listerine (1/2 water) for 60 sec. after drinking anything besides water and ice, and I use Oxy something (it said on the directions sheet) to rinse 3x a day, which helps to prevent infection. It's pretty gross and foams up, but it's totally worth it (oh and "spitting" is REALLY attractive when u don't want to move your tongue too much... basically it's just drooling. Ugh).

I can move my tongue just fine, it's not at all paralyzed (again, woohoo and thanks to the evidently professional possum-head stuffer/piercer) and I can be understood when I talk, which is nice. I say some of my "s"s like "sh" and drop the occasional "r" but once the swelling is totally gone and I get 2 change the barbell (a week from now) I should sound completely normal all the time. As far as my voice goes, not necessarily the things I say.

It IS hard not to play with it once you're used to the feeling of it in your mouth, and I can't WAIT until its safe to play w/it all the time... not to mention safe to kiss with... and to do all the things a tongue ring is good for doing xD

For now I'm drinking Odwalla smoothies, making my friends laugh at my interesting pronunciation of "sausages" and constantly asking for a nice soothing cup of free ice from Starbucks. Hey, it's what they're good for. In conclusion... I'm so happy to finally have my tongue pierced!! It is NOT a letdown. If you can do it (i.e., give up most solid foods for a couple days in favor of protecting the awesomeness that is the metal bar in your tongue), and you feel ready, then DO IT. Just remember 3 things: ice, diluted Listerine, and antibacterial soap in case you are tempted to touch you tongue for any reason during the 1st week.. the rest is pretty much intuitive. Breathe, and go for it!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Kurt%2C+i+think
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