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Now that is sexy....

As a young child I have always been fascinated with piercing of all kinds and of course also tattoos, but my family always raised me to be a "cleaner" image to what they would describe as "dirty" which I would just say, it's fucking sexy as hell to be covered in tattoo's and piercing, sorry but That's what I think! Ha-ha

I've had previous piercing before my tongue piercing but this would be the second piercing I got from this place called "Kara's urban day spa" yeah their pricey, but if you want your piercing done right, for me it's worth it, and I feel totally comfortable to go and get my tongue pierced there.

More in detail about my actual experience, like I said this was my second piercing from them, the first was my nose, so naturally I went in to get my tongue done there, the staff was friendly and I really had no extra pressure on me or stress of "how bad it would hurt" type deal, unlike the place a friend recommended me to go to the first time, the place wasn't' dirty or anything, it just... let me put it this way, the place was decorated as such that it looked like these people loved pain and enjoyed causing pain to others, so I was out of there ASAP! Ha-ha

Mom knew about this, she knows about all my piercing, but I've paid for them all, me and my mom are really close because of past experiences we've had with other family member, so even though it took a LOT of work to get her to say yes, she eventually did, and she was more then happy to take me there.

So mom did all the paper work, since I was under the age of 16 when I had it done, and she made sure she pointed out the disclaimer saying the shop couldn't be held accountable for infections, allergic reactions or even death, she obviously was trying to scare me, but I mean, there is no way anyone has ever died from a tongue piercing, I know that for a fact, because I've researched about tongue piercing for MONTHS before I got it done.

So the piercer led me downstairs, she was really friendly and very outgoing, she reminded me of myself defiantly, and she had a very warm welcoming smile, which is ironic for someone about to shove a needle through my tongue. She explained to me everything I will be able to do and won't be able to do for the first month, and things I couldn't eat, aftercare, what to drink etc, this included not eating diary products, having oral sex, the stuff your tongue would probably be too sore to do anyways ha-ha

she got me to sit in this salon style chair, and told me I could back out now if I wanted to, but after she opened the package with the needle in it, I couldn't get my money back, and since I am in no way afraid of pain, needles, things like that, I wasn't going to back out, I mean for one it's a tongue piercing, my FAVORITE of all piercing, and two, it's a piercing, point blank, I want it!! Ha-ha, the only reason I think mom let me get it is because it's one of those piercing you can't really see... you know...

she told me to hold some paper towel under my chin because apparently some people drool, and I had to hold it in such a way that the needle could fall onto it and catch it from stabbing me in the leg or something. She then clamped my tongue down, which didn't hurt, just felt weird and the only thing I could think of was the fact I hoped my breath didn't smell bad, she kept re-adjusting the clamps making sure it was in the right spot, even by this point I wasn't nervous, I was more nervous about my cartilage piercing and that was with a gun so.. , she then told me to breath in my nose and out my mouth and as I started to breath out she shoved it through.....

The pain... indescribable, because it was like almost non-existent to me, I felt it yeah but it was more of a throbbing feeling, she left the needing there for a minute as she took the clamps off, and then she turned to grab the barbell she laid out previously, I wasn't drooling, which to her surprised her, and it did for me too because it was a full 5 minutes without swallowing, she told me that I was going to feel a little scratch when she put the barbell through, and honestly I don't know if it's just my pain tolerance, but that is all it was, a little scratch, the only way I could describe the feeling wasn't really even painful, almost like someone rubbing their nail on your skin type scratch, and I mean that itself was pretty cool...

she then twisted the bottom of the barbell on really tight, and that's when, I put my tongue back in my mouth and realized it started to feel warm and "throbbish", my tongue swelled a bit, and we went to the local "Zellers" after to get some water.. ,

if your thinking of getting your tongue pierced, go for it, I have my upper left cartilage piercing, 3 lobe, and my nose, plus a tattoo on my left shoulder blade, and the tongue piercing, was by far the easiest thing to go through, the only real frustrating thing you have to look out for it having to eat slowly, my advice to you, drink lots of water, and make sure you keep it as clean as possible, that's very important. But overall they say it's the safest piercing u can get, because if treated right in the first month, well more me I heal fast so it was like first week and a half, the risk for infection is very VERY low....

if you guys got any questions, or just want to talk Body Mod, just add my e-mail at the top :) I love talking piercing and ink


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Amber+Cochrane
Studio: Kara%27s+Urban+Day+Spa
Location: Cole+Harbour+Nova+Scotia+Canada

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