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My tongue piercing and gauging.

A little warning about self-piercing,

I advise everyone to go to a professional piercer and not attempt to pierce yourself. Many piercings are safe to do yourself but some can seriously injure you, possibly leading to death.

And the story,

So fall break is just around the corner and my mom and sister are taking a trip to the local piercing and tattoo shop, Just Another Hole. I hadn't been planning on getting anything pierced when I went but I had a bit of extra money and decided to get a new piercing. I had snakebites and my ear pierced and gauged but I'm not sure what size they were at the time. All had been done by myself so I was a little afraid of a professional piercer.

Wednesday rolls around the corner and we head off to get pierced. This wasn't my first time in this shop but it was my first time getting pierced here. I had originally planned on doing it myself but I was convinced by one of the piercers that $40 was a better deal than possibly bleeding to death or nerve damage. My sister got her tongue webbing pierced (don't know the actual name) and my mom got an industrial. I was lucky and got to be last to go. I sat in the chair and my piercer cleaned and marked my tongue (I got to keep the marker :D). At this point I was shaking with fear. She put the clamps on and surprisingly they didn't hurt at all like I had heard. The needle was resting on my tongue and she told me to breath in and force it out. When I blew it all out I felt the needle rip through my tongue and my entire body clenched up. It felt like she had stopped in the middle but when I opened my eyes the needle was all the way through. It hurt like hell for about 10 seconds and then the pain was just a dull throbbing. I got a huge barbell (barely fit in my mouth) and paid the piercer and was on my out.

We stopped by the local drug store and got some mouthwash (if you decide to get your tongue pierced make sure you don't get mouthwash with alcohol in it) and a bottle of Tylenol. It was difficult to talk at first but I figured it out eventually.

When I woke up the next morning my tongue was swollen and it hurt like no other. The swelling went down a little over the day but it was still huge. Eating was the hardest part. I constantly bit the barbell and it sent a jolt of pain through my tongue.

Cleaning was pretty simple. After I brushed my teeth I would use the mouthwash and swish around a bit of warm salt water. Although the mouthwash I had always left my tongue white if I used it at night which was a tad annoying but nothing compared to my new piercing.

Over the next week life was...difficult to put it simply. Eating had become easier but it was still troublesome. By the end of the week my tongue wasn't hurting anymore and I managed to switch out the long barbell to a shorter one. Eating had become a lot easier with the new barbell.

About a month later I decided I was gonna stretch my ears again. While browsing around I found a 10g barbell (it was pierced at a 14g). I bought it and immediately slid my new jewelry in without a hassle. The bigger barbell felt strange but it didn't hurt. I did have to use a 8g taper to open up the hole a bit. When I awoke the next morning my tongue felt exactly the same, no swelling or pain.

A couple of months later I ordered a 6g barbell and couldn't wait to stretch my tongue again, but unfortunately the post office sent the package back because I was out of town and they decided not to leave the package at my door like they usually do. Hopefully within the next week I'll get my new barbell and I'll be able to stretch my tongue again. I plan on going even bigger but maybe not for a while.

Overall, my tongue was definitely worth getting pierced. I probably made it seem like it was extremely painful but really it was just troublesome at first. Had to go about a week barely eating (and thats tough for someone my size). The most annoying part was definitely my older sister making fun of me because it hurt like hell and I flinched ...she has never let me down about that.

I occasionally bite my piercing but it doesn't hurt anymore. I would definitely recommend this piercing to anyone even if a lot of people have it and its considered a common piercing.

If you're ever in Oklahoma (Broken Arrow specifically) stop by Just Another Hole if you feel a need for a new piercing.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Studio: Just+Another+Hole
Location: Broken+Arrow%2C+Oklahoma

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