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DIY tongue web

I'm going to start off by saying I will not discourage anyone from attempting to do their own tongue web. I'm a perfect example that if someone truly wants a self done piercing, they're going to do it regardless of what anyone else has to say. I just advise you take the proper precautions like I did, and be sure to follow up with aftercare. I must say, from my own experience, if you are going to DIY a tongue web is the way to go. It's quick, easy, and painless. Just don't be stupid about it!

That said, here we go.

I've been a fan of piercings ever since I can remember. But just recently, have I been venturing into self-done piercings. About a week or two ago I finally got the courage to try piercing myself. Nothing major. The fourth hole on my right earlobe had closed up; I still, however, had the left one pierced. I decided I would pierce my right one again myself. The whole ordeal was to my amazement quick and painless. Not to mention executed flawlessly.

After having done that is when I really started looking at other piercings, easy simple ones that could be done-as safe as possible- by myself. I didn't want anything obvious, as I'm underage, and I don't want something horrendous to happen and end up covered in scars or rejection marks. Looking through BME I sort of just stumbled into the tongue section. I wasn't seriously considering anything to do with my mouth though. I figured that would be a horrible place to pierce myself. Until I saw tongue web piercings. I was instantly infatuated and knew it was the one for me.

After thorough reading, and consulting a piercing artist friend of mine, I had made up my mind. I was going to do it. I waited a week or so until I could buy the proper jewelry-I decided on a 16g captive bead. Simple. Perfect. I got home later that night and started to clean everything off. I brushed my teeth, gargled with hydrogen peroxide, washed my hands, soaked the needle and the jewelry in alcohol and waited. After a good half hour I assumed I'd just chicken out and poke around for a good month before I got the balls to just go through with it.

To my surprise though, I went through with it. After eyeing over the needle I had set out I noticed it was much too small. The needle was only an 18g. Desperately searching I found a large safety pin poured alcohol all over it, ran into the bathroom and investigated my tongue web. Why I grabbed the safety pin, of all things, I'm not sure. Simply because it was there I suppose, and the adrenalin pumping through me now wasn't going to let me wait another second. It had to be done that instant.

I lifted my tongue up, and pressed the safety pin against the underside of it. To my amazement, it didn't hurt a bit. I pressed against the opposite side of skin and pushed the safety pin through. That was it. It'd been pierced! I was completely ecstatic. One problem. How was I going to get the jewelry in? I pulled out the safety pin and just tried jamming in the ring. That obviously didn't work though. As soon as the pin was out, the hole shut back up.

So, I tried again. This time with a needle. I got it through, problem free, for the second time. Getting the jewelry in only proved to be just as difficult though. I tried keeping the needle in, and putting in the safety pin at the same time, to make a bigger hole. That didn't work. And after so long with the needle through my tongue it started getting uncomfortable. It kept getting hooked on my teeth, or my lip, and I couldn't quite grasp what to do with my tongue to move the needle out of my mouth. I took the needle out. And tried again with the jewelry. No luck.

I gave up, for a good 20 minutes. And went back into the bathroom. I grabbed the needle, shoved it through, and found a small piece of an earring; I magically managed to get it in. At last, my tongue web was pierced, and had jewelry in!

For anyone who was curious, that's the piece of earring I had in it.

After about half an hour of that in my mouth, I deemed it quite annoying. I found a different, much more annoying earring, that was oddly sized. It was a bit bigger than an 18g but not quite a 16. It would work, for stretching. I took out the piece of an earring, and thankfully got the new one in problem free. I sat around for about 10 minutes with it in, and tried for my gorgeous 16g. It worked. The only issue, which apparently everyone has with tongue web's, is getting the bead on! I struggled with it for about 5 minutes and called it quits. Instead I put in a horseshoe shaped ring, with larger beads on the end that would be easy to screw on.

All went perfectly.

Tongue web, freshly done. Perfect.

I'm totally madly in love with my new piercing, and it is by far one of my better decisions. I do wish to offer advise on prep and aftercare for self-done tongue webs, though.

Before you pierce your tongue web, BE SURE TO HAVE THE PROPER JEWELRY. I suggest for anyone who's interested in this piercing, to get a straight 16g barbell. Next, be sure the needle is the proper size. Stretching fresh piercings is not recommended. It's much easier to just get the correct needle size. BME sells needles very cheap, only $2.99. However if you're under 18 you cannot purchase them. I used a large sewing needle. Numbing your mouth isn't needed the least bit. I can't quite describe how it felt, but I can assure you a standard lobe piercing hurts worse. Be sure to gargle with hydrogen peroxide before, and brush your teeth. Wash your hands. Sterilize everything. Boiling your tools and jewelry is the best option, do not use fire. I used rubbing alcohol myself and that worked fine.

For aftercare-

Gargle and brush your teeth after you eat, every time. I cannot stress this enough. Plaque build up is very likely to happen. You need to take care of your new piercing.
So far I've had no issues eating, drinking, or talking. Even right after the piercing was done. Quickly after there was slight swelling and redness, mild discomfort. Nothing unbearable and was entirely expected.

It has been 2 days since I pierced it, redness is gone, and 85% of the swelling is gone. No discomfort unless I'm moving my tongue in an unnecessary way.

Two days after initial piercing, and I couldn't be happier.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Myself
Studio: Bathroom
Location: Baltimore%2C+Maryland

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