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craigs tongue piercing

I remember when I was little over nine years old and my brother came home with a tongue piercing. This was the time in my life when I began to see that normality meant different things for some people.

As soon as I seen this piercing I wanted it I asked my mum if I could have it and been little over nine years old she laughed in my face and said no.

Over the years though the desire for a tongue piercing never ceased I wanted this piercing and I was going to get it. Although there was a problem when I reached 16 (the age you have to be to be pierced in the shop near me) my parents gave me the answer that I did not want to hear a strong firm NO.

Over the next couple of months I dropped little hints about wanting this piercing so much and tried every trick in the book to make them change their minds but they were not budging, the answer was always no.

So I left it and when I was in Spain this year I was talking to my parents about it and by now they grew tired of me asking all the time so they gave in. To be frank I still do not think they wanted me to get it done, so when I got home I decided that in the next month or so I would get it done.

One night last week I was sat with my mum talking and the topic of tongue piercing arose. She asked when I was thinking about getting it done and I said as soon as possible. In the end, I decided fuck it tomorrow is the day.

So the day is here and I am in college pretty bored and lunch hour comes around. Therefore, I head into town to the piercing shop and make an appointment.

The appointment was for half past 1 its now only 12, so I walk around town killing time all the while adding to my already torn in to shreds nerves, god knows how many cigarettes I smoked in that time, but it didn't make my chest any better.

Any ways it gets to quarter past one and I head back to the piercing shop and I fill out all the forms that you have to and then about half an hour later the time has come.

Mark (my piercer) tells me to follow him, I have done this so many times but I was still a bag of nerves.

He asks me to sit down, checks my tongue out, and hands me a cup of mouthwash to swill my mouth out with when this is done he marks a dot on my tongue and were ready to go.

The clamps were ready to be put on, now for me this was the worse part about getting my tongue pierced as these were fucking annoying, mark asked if I was ok a few times through out the procedure as always I gave him the thumbs up.

Now this really was it everything was in place all that was left now was for that dreaded needle ( I have 11 piercings and im still terrified of needles) I felt the needle touch my tongue when mark was lining it up. Then he said deep breath in and out I done as I was told then the needle was in, but wait, why wasn't it hurting less than 30 seconds later mark says im done. I got up straight away and admired my tongue in the big mirror mark has in the piercing room. I loved it straight away although I went a little lightheaded I loved it.

Before the procedure happened mark warned me the big bar would drive me nuts, and boy was he right, for the first half hour afterwards I kept getting the bar caught on my teeth, although talking is relatively easy (and still is after 4 days) I cant pronounce some words.

Eating is now getting easier though and my tongue is healing nicely although I still cant wait to get the shorter bar put in so it will end the annoying time im having.

But I wouldn't change it for the world nearly ten years it took me to get my tongue pierced and its finally happened, annoying as it is, I still love it all the same. Hopefully this is the start of a very long lasting tongue piercing as nothing will make me take it out, not after ive waited this long.

People reading this may wonder why I asked my parents to get this done and why I listened to them when they said no.

The simple fact is respect if you respect them enough to listen to them when they say no within time like mine did they may come round to the idea and say yes when they see you can be grown up.

Peace out.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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