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Tongue piercing that's lasted well

Of all my piercings, past and present, my tongue has been the most long lived. This piercing took place before I had ever stumbled upon BMEzine, or dabbled in much body-mod/experimentation. I was fairly clueless about piercing methods, or even the extremes that body-modding has been taken to by people around the world.

At eighteen I was in the habit of skipping class, as I was bored with high school, and had just gotten my first car. There weren't any piercing shops at the time in my small home town on Vancouver Island (called Ladysmith), but there were a few in the next town over(dirty Nanaimo). I'd heard that one shop was offering discount piercings "for the price of the jewelry" as a way to pull in clientele for a newly apprenticed piercer. I decided I would like to get my tongue pierced. This decision was based, I think, mostly on curiosity about how this could possibly feel, and how my friends would react, as well as to see how much it would piss my parents off. This would be one of my first piercings, aside from my ear-lobes a few years earlier (done with a gun) which hadn't lasted, and my nostril (done properly as a 16th birthday present from my father) which had gone too. Mostly I just wanted "a piercing", but decided on my tongue as the place because I was intrigued by how a muscle could be skewered and heal, and wondered what the sensation of the piercing would be like as well as having something semi-permanently placed inside of my mouth.

I took a day off classes, and took a friend along. We showed up without an appointment. The shop wasn't busy, and I went straight through to the piercer's room. I remember the piercer as being a kind of rain-on-your-parade type of guy, as he gave me a long talking to about how a tongue piercing could do a lot of damage to your teeth and mouth, and how difficult the healing process would be. I suppose this is fairly responsible of him, but I wasn't interested in hearing any of it, and couldn't have changed my mind at that point any ways. So, I signed all the papers and sat down.

I was a little nervous. My friend who I had dragged along was a lot nervous. The piercing was a fairly unpleasant experience. The clamps were uncomfortable, I was drooling, my friend was looking queasy, and I was starting for some reason to feel unsure about the piercer. Pain-wise, it was fine. Putting the bead on the jewelry took a while, and I'd probably soaked the guy's shirt with saliva by the time he was done. I remember thinking it was really strange to have all this stuff being done to my mouth, and not really being able to watch it for myself. My friend looked pretty appalled at the whole process, but I would have like to see how it was all done. I took a look in the mirror, tried talking, felt really unsure of how much I should be moving my tongue, and left.

That was it. Done. Back in the car, I took a look at it in the rear-view, swelling up nicely. Back home, to disapproving parents and little brother. I couldn't talk or eat much in the next few days. Carried bottles of saline and water around all over the place. I remember eating a lot of cold, soft, over-cooked pasta for a day or two. I avoided talking as much as possible. I was asked to read out loud in my History class the next day in school, and lisped along until the teacher gave up on me and picked another student. Drinking iced chamomile tea with honey was my favorite way of soothing the pain. This seemed to help take down the swelling nicely, and helped to make it feel clean and fresh. I remember the swelling and pain only lasting about three or four days noticeably. And it was quite noticeable, getting in the way of everyday things, and really making me realise how much my tongue wants to move about in my mouth all the time, and how agile it needs to be to do things like talk or eat. Once the swelling was down, all was well.

I guess I've now had the piercing now about 3 years. I've acquired and retired plenty more since then, have ongoing stretching projects, an interest in play piercing, numerous tattoos and have recently moved to London where I would love to find a suspension group and someone with experience in tongue splitting.

I have no intentions of ever removing this piercing unless there are complications with it, or unless I do decide to get my tongue split. I often forget its even there. I think that may be the key to its long life: it doesn't get in my way or bother me at all.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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