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Getting my tongue pierced. . . For the THIRD time

I'd previously had my tongue pierced before twice. First time I took it out cause my boyfriend at the time decided he didn't like it, yes I know, I'm an idiot for taking it out for that purpose but hey, we all make mistakes!! The second time I had it pierced after I left him, I took it out that time cause I was on a night out and it seemed like a good idea to take the bar out and change it to another one when I was drunk . . yes I know again, not a good idea lol!!

So I decided last week I was going to get it done again. I'm one of these people when I decide im going to get a piercing done I wont pick a specific day, I'll just wake up one morning and be like "Yeah Ok im doing it today" Otherwise I get myself in a stupid weird fixation and get myself all worked up over it, so once I've made the decision to get a piercing, I just kinda go one day yay!

I'd decided to go to Tribe in Edinburgh to get my tongue pierced as I knew George, a guy I'd known for years worked there as the resident piercer. I called up and made an appointment for that day at 1:30pm. I went down to Tribe and was greeted by the receptionist, a really nice woman with amazing eyes, really check them out if you go.

I filled out the usual paperwork asking about medical conditions, any medication your on, all the usual questions which your always asked by ANY REPUTABLE piercer before they will pierce you, it's important to be honest with your answers though. George then appeared from downstairs and showed me down into the piercing suite. We had a quick catch up chat as we hadnt seen each other in a few years.

He knew i'd had my tongue done before, but ever the professional he still quickly ran through the process with me, explaining that first he'd mark me up, clamp it, count to 3 and pierce it, put the jewellery in then have me sit for a few minutes just to make sure I was ok. He'd had a look to make sure it was going to be possible to do another piercing as obviously with scar tissue and stuff and said it was still do-able.

He marked the place on my tongue with that funky blue stuff, handed me a mirror and asked if that was ok with me. Next came the clamps, oh how i HATE those damn clamps!! It's the pressure and tightness of them lol. He handed me some kitchen paper, the amount of drool that comes out your mouth when you get your tongue pierced is amazing hahaha honestly, there's like loads im guessing its your bodys way of reacting to a needle being jammed through it. So he's in position and said the magic words "Ok ready? 1 .... 2..... 3 ... there we go"

So there I am, cannula through my tongue, drooling like a St Bernard dog lmao while George was putting the bar in and tidying me up. I had expected that piercing to be more painful for some reason, Im not sure why but I thought cause it was the third time it would've hurt more. Obviously ANY piercing is going to give you a sensation, whether you find it a pleasurable one, a painful one or more just uncomfortable, its going to cause a sensation in your body.

George gave me the relevent aftercare sheets, told me to take Ibuprofen for the swelling & use anti-bacterial listerine to rinse my mouth out after food, drink or a cigarette. I went upstairs, paid and made my way home.

The first two times I'd had my tongue pierced it didn't swell at all and I had the 12 mm bar in my tongue by the third day, this time was different though, the swelling was unreal. Eating was off the cards for the first few days it was that swollen. By the third day though the swelling was starting to go down and I was able to eat, VERY CAREFULLY though I might add. I bit down on the bar a few times by accident when eating, it is not fun at all when you do that lol! Once you ge tover the paranoia of the 22mm bar though its ok, you just have to eat very slowly oh and avoid noodles! I had a run-in with them hahaha yes it was not pleasant at all trying to unwrap them from the bar.

A week on I went back to George and got the bar changed down to a 12mm bar, I was relieved to get that huge 22mm bar out of my mouth!! Cause of the preivous two tongue piercings, this one is slightly more forward than the other two were.

But it's healing really well, it's been completly painfree since around the 4th day :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: George
Studio: Tribe
Location: Edinburgh%2C+Scotland

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