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A relatively easy procedure.

To be totally honest, this was by far the easiest piercing that I have ever gotten, and this is including my earlobes [which were admittedly done with piercing guns, but either way...].

My boyfriend and I took the bus to the shop, and on the way there, I started to get a bit antsy about getting it done. While doing my research on the piercing, I had also compared over 6 different shops in the Chicago area before deciding to go with Tatu Tattoo, so my confidence in that decision alleviated most of the nervousness. I knew that they were both reputable about sterilization and use internally threaded jewelry, so I was just worried about the pain because of all the different experiences I had read about prior to deciding to get it.

Upon walking into the shop, I was greeted and asked if I could be helped. I said that I would like to get my tongue pierced, so Erika was called over and asked to have a look at my tongue to make sure it could be done. I stuck my tongue out, she made me move it up and down, and then she said that it was fine, so it was a go! She asked for my ID so I gave it to her, she filled in part of the first consent form with the information on it, and then I filled in the rest of the two consent forms as she started to set up.

As she was sterilizing and setting everything up, I was given a cup of mouthwash to swish with for about a minute [I was told to sing "happy birthday" to myself three times so that is just an estimate on time!]. After I finished rinsing my mouth, she gave me aftercare instructions to read over, which she also later explained to me verbatim.

It was about a 10 minute wait for everything to finish sterilizing, but once everything was sterilized, Erika dried my tongue and then marked it. She pierces freehand, so I was much less worried about the pain and blood that I would have expected if she had used clamps.

She told me to take one deep breath, and when I would exhale, she would put the needle through. So all I had to do was stick out my tongue, exhale, and then she did it. It was so simple. All that I felt was pressure, but not pain. I also felt the needle as it went through my tongue; it was weird, but again, it did not hurt. There was no pain, no blood, and no soreness afterward. Actually, one thing did hurt a little: once she had finished screwing in the ball to the barbell, she said she was going to clean some stray marker off of my tongue. She used some kind of alcohol wipe, and it burned, but that was the only pain through the whole procedure! And at first the extra long barbell feels silly in your mouth, but once your tongue swells it does not feel so weird, for obvious reasons, ha.

Erika told me that it is much better to be proactive in dealing with any possible swelling rather than reacting once it happens, so I stopped at a gas station and bought a popsicle and some Advil right after I left the shop. Luckily I did not experience any swelling until later in the second day, it lasted for about four days. It started to go down around the sixth day, but even now, on the 11th day, my tongue is still a little swollen. The second - sixth days were the hardest days, because it is really difficult to avoid biting your tongue while eating during that time. I ate Skittles, mashed potatoes, and Reese's Puffs for those days because I could put them directly onto my molars. That is one thing that I would advise: make sure to go grocery shopping either before or immediately after getting it done so you can accommodate your inability to eat normally.

As for how much it cost, the piercing itself cost $60; I decided to pay an extra $5 for a bottle of Tech 2000 mouthwash. It has been almost two weeks since I got it done, and I have had barely any problems with it. As I mentioned before, the only real downside was getting used to eating while my tongue was really swollen.

Also, Tatu Tattoo only uses internally threaded jewelry, so that is another plus. I highly recommend both going there and getting this piercing as well. It truly is a really easy procedure and as long as you keep up with your aftercare [which for me was brushing my teeth after every meal, mouthwash in the morning and at night, and sea salt soaks a few times a day], it will be just fine.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Erika+Gomez
Studio: Tatu+Tattoo
Location: North+Ave%2FDamen+Ave%2C+Chicago+IL.

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