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My Tongue Piercing Experience

I use to say that I would never get my tongue pierced. However, the years have gone by since that remark and the idea of a tongue piercing was growing on my brain. Then about a week ago, I was out with some friends and I finally decided to just go do it.

I, myself, am the type of person who wants something like a tattoo or a piercing at that moment and has to go get it right then. Otherwise, I usually end up not getting it. Which is what I did with all five of the tattoos I have.

Now, technically, this was not my first piercing. My first piercing was my ears when I was around the age of nine. Most little girls had their ears pierced, so I wanted mine done too. With those, when it came time to switch earrings, I couldn't get one back without pain. You can guess what happened. I took them out and let the holes close up.

So back to the story of getting my tongue pierced. I was out with friends on Monday and it just hit me. I have the extra cash right now and I am back home near my favorite tattoo and piercing place. Why not? Well, it took a few hours of deciding if I really wanted it or not. Finally, after talking it over with my girlfriend and my best friend, I decided to go for.

I arrive at Ink Link in Gastonia and it is far from being busy considering it was around 11:30 pm on a monday night. I filled out the necessary information, a copy of my ID was made and I was immediately taken into the piercing room.

Ok, now don't get me wrong. I trust the piercers at Ink Link. I am also friends with a lot of the people there. However, any story I had heard about a tongue piercing, they usually mark a spot on your tongue and ask if that is fine. Well, this guy gets the needles ready, has me rinse my mouth with listerine, and then tells me to stick my tongue out. There was no marking what so ever. There were no clamps. He just stuck the needle through almost immediately and put the jewelry in afterwards.

About the pain:

Really, it was a mere pinch. Didn't really hurt at all. My girlfriend had told me that when she got hers done, it felt like she couldn't put her tongue back in her mouth. I had no problem. Another friend said that after putting their tongue back in their mouth it felt like that needed to spit the jewelry out. Yet again, didn't feel that way. Everything went fine. No Pain afterwards at all, and no bleeding. Or at least there was no bleeding that I noticed, but then again it was in my mouth and my mouth was not gaping open with me staring at my tongue.

Back to the piercer, it did bother me a bit that he did not mark my tongue. So, I will admit, for any future piercings, I am going to the woman that I know there.

As far as the following days after the piercing. The night of, everything was fine. It felt a little awkward having this hunk of metal in my mouth and it did cause me to talk funny. I had no swelling at all, so I was hoping maybe it would stay way. My problem was going to sleep that night. It took me forever to adjust to exactly what comfortable position I could hold my tongue in my mouth without the barbell pulling on it or hurting myself. I ending up placing the top ball at the back of my top front teeth and the rest of the bar bell laid under my tongue. It took me a good 30-45 minutes to finally fall asleep.

Day 2:

I was not well rested seeing as I had woken up 3 different times that previous night due to the awkwardness of my tongue piercing. I also awoke to find that my tongue had swollen to the full length of the barbell. It also was quite painful. Let's just say I was not too fond of talking at this time. My girlfriend was constantly picking at me because of my temporary speech problem. However, all was pretty good. I attempted to eat a Double Cheeseburger and a medium fry. Let's just say, the fries took me over and hour to eat because I had to concentrate hard on chewing and tongue motion. But I managed to eat pretty fine. Later that night I fell asleep a lot easier.

Day 3:

I awake with a horrible pain at the top of the hole and the bottom of the hole. I get up, rinse my mouth with listerine and like magic, it didn't hurt. It was still extremely swollen. I had not had any Ibuprofen due to the fact we were out and I had no spare cash to go get any. I also hadn't bothered with ice, I just kept drinking cold drinks. Things were fine except for the consistant speech problem. That night I had an Icee and the swelling reduced a bit. Went to sleep with ease.

Day 4:

Still the same pain like the previous morning. Fixed it with good ol' listerine. Tongue swelling has decreased though and my speech is improving. However, I have gained a toothache from the ball on the bottom rubbing the back of my front bottom teeth. Not unbearable though. I have been able to eat more solid foods. Thank god! Fell asleep again with ease.

Day 5 (Today):

Yet again the pain. Yet again with listerine. Everything is fine again. I am back to eating food I would normally eat. I don't have to think as much about chewing. Swelling is almost completely gone and I only have a slight speech problem. Things are good. Although I admit that I am getting a bit tired of the length of the piercing barbell. I can't wait until I can switch it to a shorter one.

Overall, I am happy with the piercing. There was little pain. And healing has been going well. I suggest it to anyone who is considering it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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