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good ol' Venoms

Well, as an avid bme visitor, I've become obsessed with various body mods and rituals. A lot of them are out of my reach, or I'm not committed enough to them, so I just end up admiring them through my computer screen. One of the piercings I've been into for a while which was quite possible for me to get were the 'venom' piercings.

Now, I already have my center tongue, belly button, nipples, septum, conch, and ears stretched. I also have a rib tattoo and a foot tattoo, which are pretty big, so I'd say I'm pretty good with pain. I went into the venom piercings with the same attitude I had gone into any other body mod I have, thinking, "ok this is gonna suck for a hot minute, but after a few days it will totally be worth it." Also, already having my tongue pierced once I knew the healing wasn't too bad, and didn't even mind the healing process the time i had my tongue pierced before.

sidenote: if you happen to be looking to lose a few pounds and want a sweet piercing, go for a tongue piercing. It's a week diet you can't help but go on. Horrible but true.

So anyway, after having a pretty decent week I decided it was time to do something fun, and on this random wednesday made my way to Evolution Body Piercing in the Provy. I should tell you I live right across the street from another piercing studio, but I like the guys at Evolution way more and trust them a bit more. So - after a short trolley ride and a little walk, my friend and I got to there. After filling out all the forms and waiting and what not (I was behind 2 people) I went back in the room with Joe and my friend (who wanted to take pictures). After extensive marking, drooling, and holding my tongue - Joe had the cross-hairs all set up on top of my tongue and underneath. I wasn't really nervous yet, but then Joe took out my center tongue piercing and started to line up the first clamp, and I started to freak out a little.

I don't remember the clamp hurting at all for my center piercing, but it was a shocker on the left side of my tongue. I did one of those sudden breathe in things and then was ok with it. I started to tense up real quick, and Joe told me to chill out. Being awesome, while he was comforting me, he pushed the first needle through without warning. This sounds bad, but it was awesome. Without the anticipation it hardly hurt actually, and at Evolution they are really fast about piercing and having the jewelry already in place basically, so switching the two doesn't hurt at all like it does at many other places.

Anyhow - one down and I hadn't really started bleeding yet. Pushing my tongue out to set up the second clamp was a little hard, but with Joe's encouragement I got it done. The second needle hurt a LOT. I like to think I'm not a pussy about pain, but I could hear every layer of my tongue as it went through the muscle and skin. I even teared up in one eye, damn.

After the second hole was done, I started bleeding a bit. After soaking it up with gauze and having me rinse again, I was good to go.

My jaw KILLED for the next hour or so. I got pain killers asap and took some, and also started sucking on ice chips right away, which was even difficult. After the pain killers kicked in though, I drank some won-ton soup which was AMAZING for some reason. I also ate vanilla ice cream, rinsed my mouth out with biotene, and called it a night.

The morning after, I actually feel great. I can't talk very well obviously, but I can get my point across. Sleeping is really hard, as my mouth stays open the whole time, drying out my tongue extremely. That's probably the only bad part, the swelling for two barbells on the outside of your tongue is a lot worse than one barbell in the center. Also, I know I won't be able to eat for the next few days so I'm not too bummed about it yet, and I'm enjoying my soups and shakes.

If you're thinking about getting a venom piercing, definitely do it. I can already see myself getting better and it hasnt even been 24 hours yet. It's gonna hurt a little, but grow some balls and deal with it. It's worth it in the end.

Also if you live in providence, go to Evolution, they're good people.


submitted by: chaotic_neutral
on: 13 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Joseph+Yglesias
Studio: Evolution+Body+Piercing
Location: Providence%2C+RI

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