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restoration of my fave piercing....

I originally had my tongue pierced about 2 years ago, I loved it from the moment it was done. I went back to place (not other side!) where I had it done to get the bar changed to a shorter one, and it was ok..or so i thought...The bar was slightly too tight, so I loosened it a bit, didn't think I had loosened it as much as I did...but there you go, went to bed, woke up next day...bar on my pillow, ball in stuck down the side of my mouth....NO MORE TONGUE PIERCING.... I was gutted.

So that was that and I let it close up completely and tried to put it out of my head, but I really missed my tongue bar, and wanted to have it redone....

It took me almost a year to get around to doing it again, and today was the day...I was researching different body piercing places around belfast, because I was not going to go back to the place where I had it done before - not after the mess-up with my bar change. Anyway, on my research travels I came across Other Side Body piercing in Belfast, and was surprised to see that a lot of people had left reviews on here about their experiences there. Everyone i read was good and mentioned impeccable cleanliness and Stu, and the service provided was excellent and professional. I went in this afternoon with my boyfriend, I filled out the declaration sheet and got booked in for an appointment for 3.45pm I think I made it in good time as when I went back there were people there trying to make appointments and could not as they were fully booked out for the day, so we went off to have lunch - I reccommend having a good bite to eat before getting your tongue pierced, especially if you're having it done for the first time as it can prove hard to manouvre food and your tongue in your mouth at first. The time came and I was walking back to Other Side, I got back and sat down, one of the guys came over to me and explained the aftercare procedure, very professional and friendly. They were a bit behind on appointments, but its well worth waiting the extra 20minutes as they really are top notch.

Stu beckoned me through, my boyfriend waited outside, I sat down in the piercing room - which is immaculately clean, bright and spacious, we had a bit of a chat, Stu was telling me about the various different piercings on his tongue that he's had over the passing years, he even went on to explain why a tongue piercing can be awkward in the first few days - due to the swelling, he said your tongue will feel massive in your mouth, but the swelling will be minor. he's a really nice friendly guy, he showed me the needle, the clamps and the bar he was going to use - All of which are sterile wrapped - even the clamps, even they dont have an elastic band wrapped around them, Stu says thats what tends to cause most of the pain and swelling the clamps he used were fine, I found him to be professional and caring. He used a bar made of the same metal used in pins that are used on people who've had bad breaks in their bones... a lot of people have some sort of allergy to stainless steel and dont even know it! Thats why some people's piercings do not work out. I gained a hell of a lot of useful knowledge in there today!

He unwrapped everything, all the while chatting away, he marked me up and got me ready. Because he took the timeout to have a chat with me, I found it took my mind completely off the piercing procedure. The only part of the tongue piercing that I found painful the first time around was the exit wound on the underside of the tongue - a nano second of a sting. With Stu there was no pain at all, I didnt even realise he had finished until he said so!! He said, "thats you love, your done."

I now have my wonderful tongue piercing back, it looks even better than first time, and I can go back in 2 weeks time for a shorter bar to be put in.. All of the staff were friendly and attentive, and I was told "If you have any problem, any problem at all, dont hesitate to call back into us, we'll sort it for you." This filled me with plenty of reassurance, I will definitely be going back to Other Side in the future if I decide on anymore piercings. They really are magic.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Stu
Studio: Other+Side
Location: Hi+Park+InShops%2C+Belfast

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