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i heart my tongue piercing

I wanted my tongue pierced for around a year now, but I was always too chicken to go through with it. In my head, getting a needle pushed through your tongue must hurt way beyond simply biting your tongue, surely... right?

I had some concerns though, as I had had to remove my centre lip piercing due to gum erosion – it hadn't even been in there for two weeks. I was worried that the tongue piercing might have the same effect, but that really didn't bother me enough to put me off. I was sure I could tackle that problem much easier by having plastic or bioplast balls on the piercing after it had healed. I think that thanks to my lip piercing experience I would now know what to do if that sort of thing began to happen.

I've had all but my first lobe piercings done at Holier Than Thou in Manchester. I absolutely love this place to pieces, so much so that I even asked about getting an apprenticeship there. Unfortunately I don't have enough money to afford it right now, but if I did I would definitely be getting trained there right now!

I decided I wanted to get it done as soon as I could. I'm not a patient person and I hate waiting, so the sooner the better. Another reason I love Holier – there's no need to make an appointment. You can just drop in, get pierced and be on your way. So minimal waiting occurs J

I wanted to get it done on the Saturday after Valentine's Day, which was a thurdsay. It was meant to be a present off my boyfriend but then I found out he'd bought me and xbox (lucky me, I know! I've wanted one of those babies for years) so obviously I wasn't going to make him pay for the piercing too.

Of course, something got in the way. Literally. I had to have an endoscopy (unpleasant procedure in which a doctor feeds a hose pipe type tube with a camera on the end down your throat to see what's happening in your stomach) and though I'd be okay by the Saturday to get the piercing done.

Ha, yeah right. I'd had sedation, which I think played with my body a bit for the next few days and my throat was sore from the procedure.

About a week later I was better again, though pissed off that the endoscopy had stopped me doing something I had wanted to do for ages. Especially since the doctor said he didn't even find anything wrong with me, pfft.

Anyways, my boyfriend and I planned to go to Manchester and I would get my piercing. On the journey there I kept asking "Should I get it done? Should I? Would you like it? Should I?" Luckily he's a very laid back guy and just told me to do what I want, which helped a lot because if someone tells me I must do something, I'll just not do it. I have authority issues!

We got the metro in to the centre near the Arndale. It was then I realised how hard it is to remember how to get to Holier Than Thou. I've been a million times and still forget which direction to go in!

We wandered around for a bit and eventually came to the back of Afflecks Palace, which is right near the studio. The nerves kind of set in then, knowing how close it was. I hardly get nervous for piercings any more, I feel too curious to find out what it'll be like. I guess that's the feeling I got at that moment.

We got to the studio which was packed with people, I've not seen it that busy before! Kate (one of the piercers) asked me what I was in for and I told her I wanted to get a tongue piercing.

Kate is awesome, she's covered in piercings and scarifications and always has the coolest hair in the world which I really admire, ha!

She told us we'd have to come back in about an hour, which was understandable as the place was heaving with customers.

So my boyfriend and I wandered around for a while. I can't really remember what we did, shopping obviously but my mind was set on the piercing. I was so exited!

An hour passed pretty quickly but when we got to the studio and I'd filled in the forms we still had to wait quite a while. We were all pretty amused when a girl randomly shouted "I really wanna watch some porn!" hahaha. Graham (the owner) gave her a funny look, to which she replied "What?! It's a natural human process!"

Grahams face was hilarious, he just goes "What, porn?"

It was a special moment between customer and owner :p

Anyways, after what felt like a million years Marcus came out and said to me "I'm ready when you are!" I was like, "shit!"

All the usual stuff happened. I sat on the doctor's bench type bed thing they have, asked him if it hurt and to my surprise he said it hurts less because it's a muscle. I said I had always thought it would hurt more because it's a muscle but no, I was wrong, thank God :p

He made me wash up with mouthwash and then used some gauze pads to dry my tongue. He said the weirdest bit would be the clamps but I thought they were okay. He used a torch to be able to see the veins and things in my tongue to make sure everything would be okay, which I thought was a good technique. He marked the dot and said I have a small tongue so it had to be closer to the front, I'm not sure why but the placement looked good so I was happy!

So the clamps went on and he adjusted them until they were in the right place. He told me to breathe in and the needle went through.

I seriously thought it would hurt about a million times more than it did. It was probably the least painful piercing I've ever had. Once I got 3 lobe and 2 cartilage piercings done in the same day and that hurt way more than this baby! I was over the moon J the only part I really felt was when he was putting the ball on the barbell. That was it.

I was super happy, when I looked in the mirror the bar was huge! Marcus stated "better be safe than sorry!" which is especially true in the case of body piercings. I thanked Marcus loads and went out and paid the £25.

I showed my boyfriend and he liked it which was another bonus. I must admit the talk of how tongue piercings improve oral sex also intrigued me to get the piercing ;P I have yet to try it...

So it has been 6 days since I got the piercing. I'm getting the bar changed to a smaller one tomorrow, which I can't wait for J

Aftercare was quite le bastard. It hurt to eat and sometimes to talk. There wasn't much swelling, I could talk fine and eat fine, it was just sore and sometimes caught on my teeth and pulled which hurt. I keep getting a small build up of crappyness that piercings secrete, at first I was worried it was a spot or keloid but it just brushes away.

This should all go away when I get the bar changed J

I really, really, really support anyone who wants to get this piercing. In my experience and I'm sure many other's, getting it pierced doesn't hurt at all. The only hard bit is the aftercare but if done properly it is totally worth it.

I do want to press how important it is to go to a well known, clean and friendly studio. I think that anyone who can get to it really should check out Holier Than Thou. The people are really friendly and it feels like you're making friends as well as getting a piercing while you're there.

In my opinion not only does having this piercing feel really right, it is also really effing sexy!

Go for it!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Marcus
Studio: Holier+Than+Thou
Location: Manchester

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