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Fresh Venoms

I have been looking up venoms on the internet for a while and today, since it is my 18th birthday and no one can say or do anything about it, I decided to go down to Big Lefty's to finally get them done.

I trust Big Lefty's 'cause I've only heard good things about the place, and I know fist-hand that the piercer knows what he's doing, 'cause my sister has gotten her ears stretched there and my friend got a regular tongue piercing as well, and both came out excellent.

I left my house, kind of enraged and kind of disappointed 'cause no one had remembered my birthday, or if so, had bothered to wish me well. I took my sister with me, her being my twin was going through the same mishap as me, and in addition she had decided to get her belly pierced.

We made our way down to the studio in the rain, the idea hadn't even hit me that I was making my way towards awkward agony at 80mph on the free way.

When we got to Big Lefty's, the door that opens to the piercing studio was closed. We decided to go next door where a group of people were gathered around a body strewn across a table. Sure, enough, it was someone getting a tattoo; and our piercer happened to be the artist.

At least we were relieved that we would only have to wait until the tattoo was finished instead of having to come back another day, 'cause I was really into getting my venoms by this time. There is something about a tattoo shop that gives me the urge to want to modify myself.

A short time later, the tattoo was finished and Johnny greeted us:

"Hey you guys gonna get the piercings today?"

"Yup". We had come earlier that week to make sure he was familiar with venoms.

We made our way next door. Once in the piercing studio he asked for our id's. I had been forced to bring my passport, 'cause genius me had forgotten her license at school. He made a copy of our identification and the made us sign our names on some forms. Once that was done we were ready to begin.

I decided to go first since my sister was being a little bit chicken. Johnny gave me some Listerine to rinse off my tongue, and then made me sit in the doctor's chair.

"I'm gonna mark the spots where the barbells are gonna be k'?" He informed me.

I was cool with that, I appreciated that he didn't want to be brash and risk giving me crooked venoms.

The process of choosing the placement took a couple of minutes, and when I was finally satisfied, he made me rinse again and then clamped my tongue.

The pain differed a bit than what I had expected. He pushed the first needle through, and I swear I could feel every layer of flesh tearing. I looked at my sister and saw a horrified look on her face. Fortunately, the whole ordeal was done fairly quickly once he got the barbell through.

There was still the matter of the second venom.

This time, between the anticipation and the knowledge of what was to come, the pain was slightly greater. Again, I felt the cold needle pushing it's way towards every layer of muscle, trying to find it's way to the surface. I had never had the "pleasure" before of feeling something inside my tongue, and though it hurt, I found it kind of interesting.

The second barbell was threaded and I was directed towards a mirror to see.

I fell in love.

My mouth strangely resembled that of a vampire or snake. It was so unique and beautiful, peculiarly feminine for being such a painful piercing. I inspected my tongue and noticed it was slowly beginning to swell on the sides; however, no bleeding. Either I respond excellently to piercings or Johnny is an amazing piercer, and I actually think the latter is true, 'cause I've never heard any ill reports about infections or excessive bleedings from piercings done at Big lefty's.

After my sis got her belly done and we paid and thanked Johnny, we drove to Chula Vista mall in search of something cold to put on my swelling tongue. My sis bought me a Jamba Juice smoothie, which helped tame the swelling for a good hour or too.

At the moment, I've only experienced slight discomfort and a lot of drooling. I am proud of my new venoms and can't wait 'till I can change to shorter barbells.

Overall, the experience was awesome, and the few seconds of pain was worth being able to stop pedestrians cold as a flash my unique new piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Johnny
Studio: Big+Lefty%27s
Location: Chula+Vista%2C+California

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