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Did it myself; webby

Hey, my name is Aimee and this is my story of my DIY web piercing. Well a little back round of me is I am fifteen years old. I have eleven piercing's which include; three in each lobe, helix, bellybutton, tragus, rook, and a new web I just pierced right now.I also plan in the future of getting another tragus, industrial, maybe a snug and tongue or nose piercing.It is pretty safe to say I am addicted to piercings. And I can not wait until I can get a tattoo!

I would also like to say that piercing your self is very dangerous and I do not recommend it one bit. Especially because i have never pierced my self, I don't have the proper equipment and sterilization! I pierced it myself because I don't have money, and I felt like getting a new piercing. I also did it because my mom does not know. And that is not a good reason, so just get it done by a pro.

So for the last few nights I have been trying to think up ways to get some money, but there was no way so I became desperate. I was looking at BMEZINE last night reading stories about industrial experiences, because I will soon be getting one. I decided to look at tongue piercing's because I was thinking about piercing my tongue when I saw the web piercing. A couple years back my older sister pierced her tongue herself and I instantly fell in love. But anyways last night I asked her if she would pierce it for me, she said no, because she didn't want to hurt me. So she took me up to Claire's to get a pack of eyebrow rings I think they are, which were fifteen dollars incase you were wondering. Well I got home and picked out with balls I wanted on it. They are light pink and bright pink stripes. They are super cute, but anyways. (Oh yeah, they were 16g)

Well I got a bobby pin ( I had a needle set aside but I accidently dropped my box full of jewelry and I cant find it) It was about the size of the jewelry, a bit smaller. And I got everything set up.

So I locked my door, and got in front of my huge mirror, bobby pin in my hand, hands trembling, I was ready, nervous, but ready. I picked up some pictures on BMEZINE to see where it would be good to place and decided where I wanted it. I got the needle halfway through very easily, it didn't hurt much, and it made this little pop noise. It was pretty gross. I had to use quite a bit of force to get it through the other side but I did it. And then it fell out so I had to re pierce it. Which wasn't as hard the second time around. I finally got it all together and texted my sister that I got the bobby pin in and just needed to put in the jewelry. She came and helped me get the jewelry in which took a long time, and plenty of re-piercing, but we finally got it in. Then came putting in the ball. That took a good thirty minutes, a lot of frustration and a whole lot of spit. Finally I got it on with my sisters help, by pulling on it, putting it in between my teeth and twisting it on, which wasn't very comfortable. My sister then decided she wanted her web again, and put in her jewelry with a little force. It took her about two seconds to get the ball on, she's a pro.

Well I have some left over H2Ocean from when I got my bellybutton pierced a year ago. So I am using that to swish in my mouth, which is pretty disgusting but it will help. It's a little crooked and I wish it was a bit farther back but I still REALLY like it..It looks really cute with the little pink balls, and I am happy to say I now have eleven piercing's. My brother thought I was gross, but I love it. It is pretty sore right now, but what can I expect, I put a brand new hole in my body. I'll have to see what dinner is like, hopefully it will not be too painful, and I will be able to eat!

If your thinking about getting your web pierced, which I highly recommend (its very easy to hide from parents) I would say just get it professionally, it was really hard doing myself, and I could of really hurt myself. It was super scary, but i do feel pretty rebellious of doing it myself.:D I cant wait to show people tomorrow at school!

Good luck and have fun!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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